Saturday, June 25, 2011

Christmas in July June

Some people love Christmas. I mean, really LOVE Christmas. The celebrating, the decorations, the lights, the gifts, the music, the food...I can understand it. And then there are those who are obsessed with Christmas. Sam definitely falls into the latter category. He feels that Christmas is so great that it should be talked about all year long. Christmas music? In his mind it should be played any time-why limit it to December? The day after Christmas is always the most depressing day of the year for him, as he says, "Now it's 364 days until next Christmas!" At least every day after that is a good one, because it's one day closer.

So this year my adorable husband began a new tradition in our home. We celebrate HC, or Half Christmas. The typical 'Christmas in July' thing is no good for us though....why celebrate in July when June is actually the half-way point? :)

The kids were quite surprised to wake up to this on June 25th...
We set up a small tree in the living room (of course not the big one, it's only half Christmas!), had white powdered donuts for breakfast, played Christmas songs on Pandora, and had a blast.

Sam read the kids The Night Before Christmas...
And then we opened presents. It was extra special this year; not only was it the first Half-Christmas celebration in our family, but we got to share it with my mom and Jim! They were here for the weekend, and Sam worked it out so they could be a part of it all too.
One of the gifts Mom and Jim brought was matching Old Navy flag of course we had to get a group picture!
Happy Half-Christmas to you! Only six more months to go! :)