Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Joy of Boys

There is something very special about little boys. God made these incredibly manly, tough, sweet-and-sensitive but rough-and-rowdy boys and put them in these tiny little bodies that can't quite contain their big personalities.Henry takes a long time to process everything that happens throughout his day. Usually around bedtime is when I hear the best stories about what has gone on during the day for him. Tonight, about twenty minutes after I put Henry to bed, he came back out of his room sobbing.

It took him a while to get his story out, but the gist of it was that he had found a dead, dried out frog yesterday. Thinking it was cool, but not knowing what to do with it, Henry slipped it into his backpack. On the way to school this morning he moved it from his backpack to his lunch box.
At lunch time, Henry's teacher found the frog. (One of his friends told her that he had it.) She made him throw it away and apparently told some other teachers. Henry was devasted that the teacher was talking about him to other people--that is one of his great fears.
Even at the young age of five and a half (can't forget that half!), Henry already has pride. Yikes.

On another note, Sam taught the boys to shoot a bb gun yesterday afternoon! They were so cute holding the gun and they both were able to hit a tin can from across the yard. They were pretty excited to be able to hold a 'real' gun and actually shoot it!

I know I said it before, but I LOVE MY BOYS! :)

Bridget Strikes Again!

Sweet, innocent little Bridget. She never causes any trouble 'round here. She always tries to be helpful, however she can.

Like when she decided to unroll the paper towels for me yesterday. I'm sure she realized that they would be much easier for me to use if they weren't bound by that silly cardboard roll.
Or when she relieved all of the wet wipes from that awfully confining packaging that formerly held them all so nice and neat.

I do always appreciate it when Bridget empties the tissue boxes around the house for me too. It's so handy the way that she tosses them all around the room after wiping each one carefully on her nose. And then the lovely habit she has of stuffing them all back into the box? Priceless.

Thank you Bridget, for always keeping me on my toes! :) And at least she hasn't discovered the pennies yet! (That one's for you, Ginger!)

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Tuesday at the Zoo

Tuesday morning I had to take Bridget in to the doctor. She had goopy, weepy eyes for a couple of days and they weren't getting any better. They were actually crusted completely shut that morning and she woke up in a panic. When I got into Bridget's room that morning, she was standing up, holding on to the edge of her crib and screaming. It was so sad. :(
The doctor diagnosed an eye infection, likely caused by allergies. (Poor baby, she's not even two and she already has seasonal allergies.) He prescribed eye drops that cleared up the infection in a matter of hours! Modern medicine is really incredible, isn't it?
Jonah went to work with Sam so that I could take Bridget in more easily. He had so much fun at Sam's office! He didn't want to leave when I picked him up, but it wasn't too hard to entice him once I mentioned zoo school.
It was a beautiful morning, just a little chilly because of some wind. Bridget was in great spirits despite her yucky eye and she and Jonah had a blast learning about birds.
Here are my two little dare-devils climbing on a wall. Bridget was quite offended when I offered my hand to help her, so I decided to back up and snap a couple of pictures. This is how high up they were! Not a bad height for Jonah, but he's four. Bridget has fairly good balance but she is still a toddler, so I was bit nervous.....I only stepped back to take the picture and then ran back to where she was. Hee hee. :)

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Time to catch up a little...

I'm so behind in blogging these days. I just can't seem to get in the groove....but since I talked with my mom's husband Jim last night (Hi Jim!) and he told me they check my blog every night....I suppose I'd better get with the program! :) These first pictures are just recent photos of the kids.
On Monday my sister-in-law Amy was in town with her eight kids. (Her husband Brian is in Africa for a month right now--feel free to pray for him/the family if you feel so led!) Anyway, we went out to Sam's parents house and spent the afternoon with them (Henry skipped school gladly for the chance to see his cousins!), enjoyed a wonderful lunch (thanks, MaryBeth!), and had plenty of time to talk and catch up. It was a refreshing and relaxing day. I somehow managed to forget my camera (!) and didn't get a single picture of the monster play date.
We came home in late afternoon to get naps for the kids, and then around dinner time Amy and the kids came out to our house. They haven't been here since the house was in the building stage, so it was fun to show them around. We had a bonfire and roasted hotdogs and s'mores and the older kids all ran around while the littler ones took turns on the trampoline. It was a great time and we so appreciated Amy driving the little bit further to our house!
I got most of the cousins in this picture....
....and here are the two I missed!