Sunday, July 30, 2006

Henry's Quilt

I finally finished Henry's quilt! I haven't really been working on this all that long, but I really wanted to get it done! And I have to say, before anyone gets too impressed...the whole middle section is a panel. I didn't quilt all the cute little trains and things onto the blanket. But isn't it cute?

I'll back up a little. The new bunkbeds that we found for the boys' room needed comforters. When I brought them home, I didn't have sheets or anything that fit them! So I quickly ran to Walmart to get sheets, but I didn't like any of their comforters. So I headed to the fabric department. And this is what came of that trip! I started it and almost finished in the week before my brother came to visit, but then I had to put it on hold.

Now, my next project will be Jonah's blanket (and then a blanket for the third bunk!), but I don't know when I'll have the energy (and child-free time!) to get his done. For now, Henry is very excited just to use his new blanket!

Saturday, July 29, 2006

It's too loud!

Jonah has always been sensitive to loud noises. He was my baby who would startle easily when he was an infant. Even now, at 18 months, he doesn't care for anything loud or sudden. Sam's power tools are definitely out! I was a little surprised yesterday to realize that Jonah even finds the vacuum a little much for his tastes. He followed me around the entire house yelling and plugging his ears. Of course, he wasn't smiling sweetly like he is in the picture! :)

Also wanted to post the picture of Henry with his cereal that I wrote about before. He was so proud of himself, and I just didn't get the pic into the computer until now!

Friday, July 28, 2006

Henry and Cricket

Surely those of you with older children will laugh at me for saying this, but they really do grow up so quickly! Henry is just three years old, but he amazes us with the "big" things that he does and says. This morning for example, I was down the hall with Jonah, and Henry decided he was ready for breakfast. So he grabbed out a bowl, filled it with cereal and milk and sat down to eat. I was so impressed! He didn't even spill the milk--quite a feat for a three year old! Then when I joined him at the table, he put down his spoon, folded his hands, and said, "Mommy, we need to pray!" What a sweetheart, huh?

It is so fun to watch Henry with Cricket (the new kitten). First thing in the morning (and then about 8 more times during the day!) Henry runs out to check on her food. He wants to make sure he takes good care of her. He also changes her water about 8 times a day, just to make sure it's clean. She's such a mellow kitten that she endures all the 'loving' that both my kids give her. Such a very fun pet!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Uncle B is back in Montana

Uncle Brian went home yesterday. We had a great visit and were so glad to have a full week to spend with him! The time really went by so quickly--and we miss him already. The boys really would love for him to live closer.....maybe we can get Brian to move down here this fall! (That's what Sam and I are hoping, anyway!)

After we took B to the airport, the boys and I went to the Dallas Zoo for the afternoon. We had a scary time at the McDonalds that is right beside the zoo (two prostitutes-isn't there a better place for them to put on their make-up than the bathroom at McDonalds???-- And a lady absolutely screaming at her kids in Spanish in the play area), but then we had a really fun time at the zoo! They have tons of things to look at and lots of ground to cover!

There is a great carousel that the boys rode twice. The second time we all sat together in a little thing that looked like a nest (and it spins around like crazy!)--I thought Joey was going to get sick! We walked around for a few hours and then hopped in the car for the drive home. There were a lot of construction delays between Dallas and home, so it took longer than it should have. But that worked in my favor, because the boys both crashed and enjoyed nice long naps the whole way home!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Isn't Sam a handy guy?

The shop is done! Sam worked all day on Saturday (my brother Brian's birthday, by the way!) and got the building done. There are still little things to do, but it is up and standing and secure! He had help from Brian, and also Dave Hasz. Thanks guys! Oops, almost forgot-Henry, too! He's always very helpful in moving tools and drinking the lemonade for the boys! (He calls it sharing!)

I'm so impressed with my husband! Not only does he do incredible things (like build a shop), but he does them in record time! He's a keeper!

Brian's b-day was pretty fun. We had a crew over here for a feast of lasagna and blueberry cake. Dave and MaryBeth, David and Beth and kids, Jon and Kelly and Jordan made up the group. We really wanted to have the Smith's out, but hesitated because of their recent sickness. Didn't want to send Brian home with stomach flu!

Henry especially loved having his cousins over, and can't wait to have them over to play again!

Friday, July 21, 2006

The Builders with Bandanas

My husband said a few weeks ago that he was going to finish a few specific projects and then take a "break." The truth about Sam is that he really can't go that long without some sort of project happening. So he has been slipping over to his parent's house to help with their projects.

The break has officially ended. Sam started work on his shop yesterday, and today all four walls are already standing. Tomorrow, he plans on placing the trusses and sheeting the sides and roof. Knowing my husband, the whole thing will actually be done by tomorrow evening. All I know is that I'd better be prepared with a big jug of lemonade!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Uncle Brian and the arrival of Cricket!

Uncle Brian is here to visit! We picked Brian up from the airport this afternoon and welcomed him into one of the hottest days of the year here in East Texas! So far he's handling it very well. He will be here for a week to visit and also to celebrate his 30th birthday on Saturday! The boys were very excited to see him, as they have really missed him since we moved down here.

Today is actually a very exciting day for the boys.....not only did Uncle Brian come to visit, but they also got to bring home their new kitty! We "adopted" one of David and Beth's kitties. We met them for dinner tonight and they brought the cat for us to take home. Henry is thrilled! Another sleepless night for him, I'm sure. He'll be way too excited to do any sleeping! We've named the kitty Cricket, and she seems to be settling in nicely. So far, Elmer isn't really sure what to make of her, but after a little hissing, he doesn't want to get too close!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Happy Anniversary!

Today, Sam and I have been married seven years! It seems like only yesterday that we met. And yet, we've been through so much and learned so many things about each other, that it seems as though we've known each other our entire lives!

Who would have thought that we would end up in Texas? In the early years of our marriage, we talked about moving to Colorado, Alaska (at least Sam talked about it!), and Washington, but never did we mention Texas. Even a year ago, we would have laughed if someone said we would be living in Texas soon! But God had greater plans for us than we even acknowledged. He always does, doesn't He?

Being married to Sam has been a fun journey. He always makes me laugh, even when I don't want to. He never lets me be a grouch. He puts up with my morning cheerfulness and my insisting that breakfast is a fun meal. He encourages me when I'm feeling down and makes me feel important. Sam teaches me forgiveness and mercy, things that don't come as naturally to me. He eats ice cream with me at night, and makes runs to dairy queen when we need blizzards. He adores our children. He listens patiently when Henry is telling him a story, and Sam always has a kiss for Jonah when he asks for one. He always has time for his parents. He can accomplish more in a 24 hour period than most people get done in a week.

I love you Sam, and I always will. I thank God every day for bringing us together and making us a family. I am so blessed to be your wife.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Brotherly Love

The other day, Henry was anxious to get going. He ran and got his sandals and put them on by himself (an unusual occurance!). I told him that Jonah and I weren't quite ready to go, and goofily suggested that he find Jonah's sandals and help him get them on. He runs over, grabs the sandals and orders, "Joey, sit down, I'm helping you!" Jonah obediently sits down and sticks a foot up in the air. It was a very sweet moment. That is, until the second sandal, when Henry couldn't slide it on Jonah's foot and started cramming onto his foot. Jonah wasn't amused!

Friday, July 14, 2006

Why I Love Garage Sales!

This is the reason I love garage sales! For a long time, I've been saying, "When the boys are older, we'll get them bunkbeds." And today at the first garage sale we went to, I found these! Henry instantly fell in love with them, and even said he would be willing to replace his race-car bed with it.

The best part is there is a trundle bed underneath, so it actually sleeps three! Right now, Jonah will stay in a crib, and we'll pull the trundle partway out (so it's like a step for Henry, and also a safety net, since he's so much further off the ground). Then when Jonah is ready to move out of the crib, he can take the trundle. Cool, huh? We are all so excited. Henry was so excited that he couldn't even go to sleep. So, bed time was a little rough tonight! :)

This morning as we set out to go "garage-sale-ing," Henry and I prayed that we would find some good deals. And we found exactly what we've been looking for! Thank you, Lord! God is so good!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Trampoline is Back!

We finally got the trampoline up for the boys! Henry has really been missing it. Sam picked an incredible place in the yard for it--I didn't get a good picture, but it is back by the trees and there were about 9 trees making a perfect circle that was just big enough for it to sit. So it's mostly shaded and it looks really great!

The boys are thrilled. Actually, Henry just saw me put this picture on here and wants to go jump right now!

It's so fun having kids--I get to be a kid again, too!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Sam is such a work-horse. We took this picture after he finished adjusting the sprinkler system to water our new grass seed. I don't know if you can tell, but he is absolutely soaked. Soggy, even down to his shoes! And he gave me a cute little pout for the picture, but he was certainly enjoying himself.

We've been married for almost seven years now, and I am still learning that this guy "relaxes" by diving into a project and working until he's exhausted. Not exactly my idea of "relaxing," how about you? But I sure am thankful for him. Nothing goes undone around our house. If it's broken, it will get fixed (maybe before I've even noticed that it's broken!). And Sam is teaching our children some wonderful lessons about work ethic and love and family.

Thank you, Lord, for my loving husband!

Monday, July 10, 2006

The joy of markers

Gotta love markers! Look closely, you'll see. Yep, Jonah thought, "Hey, if they smell this good, then surely they must taste good too!" And the worst part is that I was sitting right beside him. Wouldn't you think I would be able to stop him from sticking markers into his mouth? Guess not.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

My handsome prince...

The boys love to play dress-up. They have a locker full of costumes and hats and other embellishments. Everything from super-hero to construction worker. Lots of fun! The other day (when this picture was taken) they raided my closet and each came out wearing one of my good hats. They were having such a good time, I didn't even make them take the hats off.

What I started to write about here, though is Henry. He is such a sensitive child, but he's also a typical little boy. Sound strange? What I mean is he has a very tender heart, even though he is more likely to tackle you than hug you! He can be fairly rough and tumble, but he'll also comment on your hair (right, Grandad?). Many who know Henry also know that he has a certain fondness for things that are pink. It is such a pretty color, as he tends to tell me!

It doesn't bother us, in fact we think it's pretty cute. However, last night when we were driving home from Tyler, Henry (out of nowhere) started chanting, "I'm a princess, I'm a princess...." over and over and over. Ummmm.....I'm not sure, but I think maybe that is going a little too far!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

The Yard

Today the boys and I spent the morning at the zoo. We had a great time--we met Jon and Kelly and Jordan there. Very fun! When we came home, the boys needed a nap, so Sam and I worked in the yard. We moved a HUGE pile of dirt from the front of the house to the back yard. It took what felt like a hundred wheelbarrows!

Jon showed up in the afternoon to lend a hand! He and Sam worked on the retaining walls for our patio and that left me to do more wheelbarrow work. Tonight we both have sore arms and hands. (Sam definitely feels it more than I do!) That was the hardest part, so now we get to spread that dirt around, and we will roto-till the new dirt with the old dirt (we're basically mixing clay with sand and hoping for something in the middle!) and we hope to get grass seed down tomorrow! All in hopes of eventually having a nice backyard! :) I have faith that it will happen!

Henry woke up while we were still moving dirt and thought it would be fun to help. So he got out his wheelbarrow and moved a few loads of dirt for us! What a great helper!

Friday, July 07, 2006

Time For a Swim

Well, I think we are now officially Texans. Both of my boys own a pair of real cowboy boots. I got Jonah's from a neighbor's garage sale before we left Bozeman, and I found an adorable pair for Henry at a garage sale this morning! Now we'll be sure to fit in around here! :)

After a morning of garage sales, the boys and I headed to the teen mania pool to cool off and burn some energy. It must have worked, because Jonah fell asleep on the way home before we even got off the teen mania property!

Jonah is still pretty leery about the water--unlike his brother, the fish! So today I pulled out Henry's old float-suit for Joey, and he thought that was really cool! It didn't really make him any more brave, but he had a really good time!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Love those interns!

The boys and I just had lunch with Sam at Teen Mania. Henry was so excited all morning to go and meet daddy for lunch-- it was all he could talk about! So I was definitely surprised when Sam pulled up beside us as we were getting out of the car, and Henry says, "Daddy! Yay! Um, where is Kailee?" (Kailee is an intern and has babysat for us a few times--Henry loves her!.)

As soon as we got into the lunch room, Henry ran for another intern, Bryce, and spent the entire lunch with him. I don't think he even noticed Sam at the other side of the table! Don't get me wrong, Henry adores his daddy, but there is just something special about those interns!

We are so thankful to be here in Texas, and we're so grateful that we are surrounded by such wonderful, godly people to love on our kids!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

A little accident...

The boys and I were in a very little car accident today. It rained here, and when it rains in East Texas it is kind of like a small flood. The drops of water are so big they could knock a man down! We were coming home from Tyler and stopped at a red light, when all of a sudden...wham! the car jerks forward. There is so much rain coming down that I can't even see out my back window what has hit us. I pulled into a gas station that was really close and the guy who hit us did too. I got out to check for damage, and the guy in the pickup that slammed into us sat in his truck and rolled down his window. He says, "Honey, I just couldn't get enough traction to stop!" Honey? Is it okay for him to call me "honey?" I'm not sure yet. Anyway, I got his information and headed on home. No harm done, the boys and I are fine and so is the car. The part that really made me mad was that I was trying out a new way to get home, and I was trying to see if it was faster. But the accident threw me off and I never did get to figure out if it's a quicker route or not!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy Fourth of July!

We had a great fourth of July, and I hope everyone else did too! The boys and I celebrated by finding the cord that plugs my camera into the computer, so now we can actually start loading current pictures to this site! Yay!

We spent the afternoon and evening at FatherHeart, a local maternity home for unwed mothers. They invited the public out-they have a party every year on the fourth. They had barbecues set up for grilling, about 10 inflatable toys for jumping and climbing, a climbing wall, a pool, a lake and poles set up for fishing, and the list goes on..... it was incredible! The weather actually cooperated (don't get me wrong--it was hot!) and it wasn't unbearable. We met up with Sam's family--Dave and Mary Beth, David and Beth, Beth's sister and family, Jon and Kelly for a little while, and a whole bunch of interns from teen mania.

What a fun day. The kids had such a good time! They mostly played with the teen mania crew and couldn't have been happier! They both enjoyed chasing and being chased by the "big kids" (as Henry called them), playing soccer and eating lots of watermelon and too many cookies.

The fireworks were nice-they put on a pretty good show. Both the kids really liked that part. I thought Jonah would be scared, since he's not really a fan of loud noises, but he really seemed to enjoy it. Henry oohed and aahed through the whole thing. I think both boys (and my husband too, come to think of it!) are going to sleep really well tonight!

Monday, July 03, 2006

The Helper

One of Henry's greatest joys in life is to "work" with his daddy. He can't think of anything more fun than working with Sam. And Sam is always so patient with him and lets him use real tools (which makes Henry's day!), so it's lots of fun.

(Above is a picture of Henry fixing the hot tub at our old house.)

Yesterday after church, Sam needed to work on the sprinkler system. For reasons unknown to me, it was leaking in a number of places and the wiring had to be completely re-done. Poor Sam. He was so frustrated and a little discouraged.

Out comes Henry to save the day! Unfortunately, when Hank "helps" his dad, he often misplaces tools. Yesterday it was Daddy's favorite screwdriver, and Henry's own hammer. (We still haven't found either one!) Sam was considerably more concerned about the screwdriver, but Henry spent all day looking for the hammer. He even called a number of family members to see if anyone knew where it was!