Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Bridget's story

The Bear’s Journey (from the pages of Bridget's journal)

Chapter 1 (A Bear Who Wanted to be Scary)

A bear was scared of everything that he saw.  All but himself.  But he wanted to have the courage.  He had not been married.  The bear went looking for a girl bear.  He found a girl bear that was very nice.

Chapter 2 (The Bear and the Wife)

The girl had cubs.  The wife decided to take the children and go to the science center.

Chapter 3

The kids had a great time at the science center.  The science center was fun.  The cubs wanted to go home.  The cubs had a nap.

Chapter 4

The cubs got out of bed at good timing.  It was time for lunchtime.  The cubs wanted to eat outside.  The mom and dad said yes.  The cubs ran outside.  Louie and Ann are the cub’s names.

The end.