Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Jonah for President!

Jonah realized this year that ANYONE could become president, that they don't have to be born into a certain family or live in a specific area.  His logical conclusion was, of course, that HE could be president one day.  Here's his platform:  "I don't believe in ghosts or monsters.  I believe in people.  I believe in God.  I do believe in satan but I don't believe anything he says."

He's got my vote.  :)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Splash Kingdom-Shreveport

Sam (along with his dad and brothers) spent the first week of July fishing in Canada.  Yes, that means they spent America's Independance Day by leaving the country.  Ha!

They had a phenomenal trip.  First they flew to Mineappolis, MN, where they grabbed dinner and a hotel room for the night.  The next morning they drove their rental car 11 hours North into the province of Ontario, where they were picked up by a little pilot in a float plane.  The float plane delivered them to a little cabin on a lake in the middle of nowhere.  Don't worry, though.  The pilot brought in all the groceries they had bought on the way.  And he left them a sattelite phone so they could call if the had any emergencies while they were there.  (They didn't know at the time, but the sat-phone was password-protected and they couldn't actually use it!)
I don't have any pictures from their trip, but they caught hundreds of fish (Northern Pike), had beautiful (if a little hot) weather, and enjoyed the time away.  It's not exactly my idea of paradise, but Sam can't imagine anything more fun than a week "off the grid".  He had a blast.  

The night that the guys left, the kids and I headed an hour and half east to Shreveport, Louisiana to visit a water park.  Our radio station had been giving away tickets to a closer water park, and at the end of the giveaway they still had tickets left for the farther-away we got some of those!

The kids were so excited to try out a new water park.  Along the way, we stopped at Arby's for a quick dinner.  While we were there a semi-truck drove into the parking lot pulling a tank.  The kids were pretty impressed with this and we talked to the driver for a while (who told us that the tank weighs 60,000 pounds!).  
When we got to Splash Kingdom, everyone was gathered outside and they hadn't opened the gates yet. There were less than 100 people there, and the radio station people soon announced that this was EVERYONE who would be at the park that lines, no waiting, SO FUN!
They had some fun new are Henry and Jonah dropping off of these really fun short slides:
And Bridget loved every bit of it.  She was (finally) tall enough to go down some of the big slides, and her favorite one was a face-first, superman-type slide that made me scream every time I went down it.  She is such a daring little girl!
We had so much fun and we are so grateful to our local Christian radio station for the free tickets and the adventure.  :)

Policeman Jonah

Last night Jonah announced to me his intention to become a policeman when he grows up.  

He just had a few questions.

#1  Do I have to go to college?  (No, but you should.  You'll be more prepared and make more money as a college graduate than you would otherwise.)

#2  How will I know who the bad guys are?  Like, when do I pull out my gun?  (You'll go to the police academy, have lots of training, and you'll most likely know who the bad guys are.)

#3  But really, how do I know when to pull out my gun?  I don't want to shoot the wrong person.  (Yes, that would be bad.  You'll only use your gun if someone's life is being threatened.)

"I see," he said, "So when I see someone pull their sword out and try to stab a girl, then I know I should pull out my gun and stop them."

Um...yes, I think you've got it!  Lol!