Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Our House and the Birds

The fun thing about a new house (at least for my husband) is all of the projects that go along with it! He has started a wonderful new job at Teen Mania, and he LOVES it. However, every spare moment he can squeeze in is working on something around the house. Today it is the sprinkler system, building forms to extend our back patio and building forms for the shop concrete pad. He'll probably get all that done and more, if I know this guy! Last week it was the chain link fence, the fifth wheel privacy fence, hanging the blinds that we bought and creating our built-in desk area. It's so nice to have a husband who is so resourceful!

Today we are going to the sceince center with the Smith's to celebrate Brian's 4th birthday! Henry is so excited. He picked out a little gift from his own toys and wrapped it all by himself! It was pretty sweet. I'll have a picture of that posted soon, hopefully!

We put up a hummingbird feeder two days ago, and we got our first hummingbirds yesterday! I am so amazed by these tiny little creatures--and so excited to have them in my backyard! I also saw a bright red cardinal in the yard yesterday. That was motivation to get the other bird feeders put up! I really love watching the birds, and there are such pretty ones around here!

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Beth said...

I so agree. I don't think it is possible to own too many birdfeeders. I love the birds that hangout in our yard. My favorite are the red-headed woodpeckers—and we have lots!