Saturday, July 15, 2006

Brotherly Love

The other day, Henry was anxious to get going. He ran and got his sandals and put them on by himself (an unusual occurance!). I told him that Jonah and I weren't quite ready to go, and goofily suggested that he find Jonah's sandals and help him get them on. He runs over, grabs the sandals and orders, "Joey, sit down, I'm helping you!" Jonah obediently sits down and sticks a foot up in the air. It was a very sweet moment. That is, until the second sandal, when Henry couldn't slide it on Jonah's foot and started cramming onto his foot. Jonah wasn't amused!


mom said...

what a good helper Henry is with his little brother...I bet Jonah is having a great time following Henry around and learning new things from him..

Marybeth said...

What sweethearts you have. You are dong such a great job raising your boys...all three!

Beth said...

How cute! It is really great when you can start giving "chores" to them and carve out much more time in your day. It is rare for me to even dress Cole anymore—I either ask J or A to do it. :)