Friday, August 18, 2006


My husband (who never takes a break!) built me some incredible shelving over the last few days. He hasn't exactly had free time, but in his spare moments he threw some things together....they came out looking like something you would buy in a store.

He made me two shelves for our bedroom closet (which desperately needs organizing!), one for the boys closet, and one for our guest room (a.k.a. my craft room) closet. The last one is the one most in need. I had some metal cube shelving in that room and it was stacked FULL. Somehow, (the builder, perhaps? Yes, it was me.) it collapsed a while back and I have been too busy to even pick the things up out of the heap on the floor.

The one pictured here is for the boys' closet. I have a few miscellaneous things stacked on the floor or in baskets in their closet, so Sam thought it would be nice to have a couple of shelves. (By the way, their closet is HUGE!) The boys and I painted it, and we think it turned out pretty cute! I didn't get the top in the picture, but I painted their names and the year on the top.


Ginger said...

How cute! When my girls were little a friend made little aprons for them. We painted on them with their names, etc...It's fun now to look back and see their hand prints and how little they were. Great idea!

kelly said...

What a fun project for the boys...I'm impressed that you got actual handprints and not just a bunch of fingerpainting smears. Why didn't Henry use pink? I'll have to ask him next time we're over.

Marybeth said...

The shelves look great! You have to post a picture of your craft shelves before they are filled! You are so talented and creative...the boys too!

Beth said...

So cute.

Did David tell you Sam took a shower at our house the other morning? I was not here . . . but I would NOT have let him use our worst shower—it is miserable and needs to be completely redone. David steered him toward THAT one in what he felt was a very strategic move—he is pretty sure Sam will now feel sorry for us (and our lack of skills)—you know . . . like come over and fix it in his spare moments. :)

mary said...

Lisa the shelves are so cute, I love the handprints