Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Florida, here we come!

Tomorrow we are heading to Florida for a little relaxing vacation on the beach with Jon and Kelly and Jordan! We are very excited and looking forward to some family time.

We actually made the mistake of telling Henry about it too early. All this week, when we get ready to go somewhere....Henry runs to the door, claps his hands (his whole arms, really) and says, "Yay! Time to go to the beach! Yayyyyyyyy!" Or we'll stop somewhere, like the library, and he'll say, "Oh, we're going here first? Then the beach. Yay!" I'm not sure he understands the whole 11 hour drive part of getting to the beach! :) Oops.

This is a picture from our last vacation with Jon and Kelly, right before we split up to fly home to Montana. Aren't they a cute family? And isn't God great? At the time this picture was taken, we had no idea that five months later we'd be living down here near all of Sam's immediate family!

We are so blessed! I will post again next week to let everyone know how the vacation went!


Ginger said...

What a great family! We took our girls on a car trip to Florida when they were small. They knew we were going and thought it was on Thursday. We woke them the night before so we could drive during the night and have them sleep, haha. They were so pumped up they talked non-stop for about the first three hours. It was one of our best vacations anyway. Have a fantastic time. I'll miss your blogging, but I'll pray for your safe travels.

Beth said...

Hope your trip is wonderful!

Marybeth said...

How fun...love the picture. You guys have a great time. Elmer is already moping around and missing you!

Michelle said...

Hope you have a great trip! You'll have to visit Seaside while you are down there. It is my FAVORITE place to have a family vacation.

Does this mean you and Kelly won't be blogging for a week????