Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Tricycle

Henry learned how to ride his tricycle!

Until this week, he has REFUSED to even try to put his feet on the pedals. His feet can reach the ground, so he has become very efficient at "walking" the trike around. This week he wanted me to push him around on the trike. I told him I'd only push him if he put his feet on the pedals. It took some serious convincing (and a lot of practice!), but he figured it out! For a while he needed a "starter push," but now he can even get started all alone! Now he's a madman, racing around on three wheels! This boy can ride completely by himself, and he couldn't be more proud of himself!

Way to go, Henry!

Almost forgot...he saw his helmet hanging in the garage yesterday, so now he will not even consider riding his tricycle without his helmet on for safety! He keeps it hanging on the handlebars when he's not using it!


mary said...

Good job Henry....I bet it was so fun to see him when he first realized that he could ride on his own, as for the helmet, you can never be too careful....mom

Michelle said...

Way to go Henry! Way to lay the groundwork for that Harley one day!

Ginger said...

So glad he's learning the helmet thing right away. It was a hard thing to teach our kids as they didn't push that when they were real little and it was difficult to train them differently as they got older. Lindsey hit our parked car with her bike at about age 12 and broke her glasses and banged her head...the helmet would have helped!

Beth said...

Cole just started using the pedals too. His real love is to CARRY it up the hill and then ride down really fast with his legs sticking out to the sides.

I love this age!

kelly said...

very fun. the helmet is good but hilarious...where does he get these ideas?

Marybeth said...

Yea for Henry...a new demension in his life...and yours....and Jonah's...watch out Jonah!