Saturday, November 04, 2006

It must be the weather...

I love carving pumpkins. It's one of my favorite parts of fall (which just happens to be my favorite season!). So that probably describes why we usually have more jack-o-lanterns than people at our house. This year is no exception!

I know that once they are carved, they don't last very long. What I didn't know, is that apparently they don't freeze here. In Montana it's always pretty cold this time of year and the jack-o-lanterns would sit outside and kind of wrinkle, but nothing else. The cold weather must have kept them from doing what they do down here....which is grow extremely large amounts of fuzzy, stinky mold!

The pumpkins were starting to look pretty wrinkly, so I went to put them in the garbage can this afternoon. I was not so pleasantly surprised to find that the ones on the ground had sort of melted into the concrete and all of them were completely covered inside with black mold. Yikes! I even had to bring out a scrub brush to clean up the concrete. Lesson learned, I guess! :)


mary said...

ok, now that's disgusting, but the pumpkins and the picture are cute

Marybeth said...

How funny. The blogge won't let me post on your blog for tonight...sounds like you had QUITE the day...Wednesday won't come too fast! Henry looks that possible???? We miss you all so much!