Monday, November 13, 2006


My mom sent the boys some stickers this week. They enjoyed them so much that I thought it might be worthy of a picture!

Some kids wear stickers on their shirts. Henry used to do that, and it makes quite a mess if they go through the washing machine! Some kids put stickers on favorite objects, or windows, or other 'troublesome' areas.
I count myself blessed that my kids just load up their arms! No mess, no scraping to get them off, and they're not all over the house!
They may not last long, but stickers sure are fun!


Marybeth said...

Too cute. That is a great place for stickers! I'm looking for a picture of the new boots!

Ginger said...

My kids used to put them on the head boards of their beds. It looked cute and I figured it was no big deal until I realized it left a permanent mark and ruined the beds. A mom like me kinda freaks out at stuff like that. I would find it funny today if it were someone elses little boys :) Jenna used to put them on her closet door up until about a year ago, (the names of famous tennis players) can still see the remains. I no longer care. Guess I'm finally making progress.

Beth said...

That's a good place for stickers!

You and Ginger are way more mellow than I. We have a rule for stickers at our house—they're only allowed on paper. :)

mary said...

I love the look on Henry's face, that's a great picture, I'm glad they have fun with the stickers.
Who got new boots?