Thursday, November 16, 2006

What a deal!

I am always very excited to find a good deal. My favorite shopping days are when I can find something that I just have to have for 90% off. I am actually pretty good at hunting down a bargain or a sale. However, I think that my wonderful husband has trumped me in finding the best bargain of the year.
Sam has been looking for a "beater" car to drive back and forth to work (to save wear and tear on his nice truck, and also save money on gas). Last week he called me to tell me he found one and would be bringing it home that day. I happened to be outside as he pulled into our driveway in this cute little Nissan Sentra.......that he paid $100 for!
It's old, it has a lot of miles on it, it has a few dents in doors, but it RUNS! Way to go, Sam! I'm impressed, as usual! :)


kelly said...

Have to agree...definitely the deal of the year...maybe more. You're going to have to do a LOT of shopping to beat this deal.

Michelle said...

WOW- How in the world did you find a car that cheap? That is amazing!

Beth said...

Way to go Sam! Gotta love a bargain!!

Marybeth said...

WOW! That is quite the bargin...and for us 90% off shoppers quite the challenge- but we are up to it...aren't we?