Friday, December 29, 2006

Henry's fishing trip

Henry had his first fishing trip with his daddy and grand-dad this week! To be honest, he had his actual first fishing trip when he was two months old, on a family fishing vacation in Canada. But this was his first time to actively participate!

It was cold and windy, and they didn't really catch any fish, but as any good fisherman knows, that's not really the point. The great thing is just to be out there! So the guys had a good time, and they have big plans to get out there again soon. Sam reports that Henry was a very good sport and kept his lure in the water most of the time (with repeated reels in "just to check.").

Henry did catch a fish this summer at the stocked pond at the fisheries center. That was one of the most exciting things to happen to him, and he still talks about it. Actually they sent him an award--we hung it in his bedroom--and he still shows it to anyone new to come to our house.

So he does know the excitement of catching a fish....which will keep him fishing for years to come!


Anonymous said...

Fishing in December, doesn't that seem funny? How fun for Henry. Hopefully he will always remember a great time with his dad and grandpa.

Marybeth said...

It was a fun adventure for Grand-pop- to be able to share Henry's first fishing trip...and grammy was just as excited to have him come back home to Grammy's house and want to play cars on the "road" with her! Just wasn't long enough, huh Henry!