Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Jonah and the Peas

My son Jonah is a sugar-head. I don't know how it happened. Henry has always preferred fruit over cookies, liked to eat vegetables, and gets really excited over dessert but then only really wants a bite or two. Then along came Jonah, who prefers not to eat ANY vegetables, LOVES bananas (not eating them, but just the joy of peeling them) and can devour two cookies (his and his brother's) in less than 30 seconds.

So we were very surprised last week when I served lasagna, garlic bread and peas for dinner. Jonah wasn't at all interested in the lasagna or garlic bread, but attacked the peas like a starving man! He kept asking for more, so we kept giving him more. At some point, everyone was done; they left the table and started clearing dishes, and I was still sitting there with Jonah eating peas. There were quite a few left in the bowl, and finally he demanded the bowl. Not more on his plate, but the entire bowl. I sat there with him for another ten minutes while he finished eating every single pea in sight. It was pretty funny to watch!


Anonymous said...

Count your blessings! We have a new iron deficiency issue at our sad. We are working at finding the right food to boost the iron level.
Maybe Jonah thinks the peas are green candy :)..can't say they taste at all like candy though..ewww.
Are you enjoying your winter weather?

Shanygne said...

I think Ethan is a lot like that... not sure how it could have happened. But he loves peas, too! They ARE pretty sweet. He'll eat other veggies and stuff, but prefers sugar and chips... ugh.

Beth said...

If it's peas he wants, just keep serving them. What a blessing—a kid that likes peas!!:)

Heidi Jo said...

If he ate that many peas they will show up when he goes to the bathroom, let me tell you:-)

My kids go bonkers for things, eat them like that and then a month later act like it's posion! Go figure!