Tuesday, January 23, 2007


I was going to post this picture today:

and tell you all how excited Henry is about his new position in the top bunk bed. And no, Jonah doesn't sleep up there too. We tried it and it didn't work out!

But then trauma struck our house. The boys and I were getting ready to go to the gym. They were dressed and waiting on me to finish cleaning up the kitchen so we could leave. They got tired of waiting and started chasing each other around the house. It was quite a fun game for them until Jonah somehow collided with the corner by the hallway. The sound was so loud that I knew he was hurt, and seconds later he was wailing. I got to him just as the blood started, and man--there was a lot! Head cuts are always like that, aren't they? (In fact, hours later, there is still some blood in the bathroom that needs cleaned up. And I think the bathroom rug may not recover!)

Long story short, once the bleeding stopped I really wasn't sure if it was bad enough for stitches, so I took him in to the urgent care clinic so they could decide. And they were glad I brought him in! Five stitches later, this is what Jonah looks like:

It was a pretty traumatic hour spent at the clinic. The doctor and nurse were wonderful, but the doctor was REALLY TALL and for some reason, Jonah started crying as soon as he walked into the room. Then during the stitches they had to "mummy wrap" Jonah, which meant putting a sheet around him to bind his arms at his sides. It was kind of like swaddling a newborn, only not as comforting! He wasn't impressed with that part. Jonah cried during the entire surgery (I don't suppose it's actually called surgery, but whatever.) only pausing every few minutes to let out a big yawn. Poor guy! He was a little stressed!

So he survived and is now doing fine at home watching an exciting episode of Little Bear.


Jennifer said...

Poor Joe. Sam told Megan and me about it at lunch... all we could say was - poor Joe!

PS - you did a great job... I know others who would have had an ambulance outside the house if that ever happened... lol (I guess it isn't really funny but... it is.)

Ginger said...

Awww, poor little guy. You can't even tell him how cool it is to have a scar being a man and all. Lindsey did a number on her mouth at that age, too. It's a big deal! Her little tooth died and she needed a root canal. She sat with a dead front tooth for three years and a messed up bottom lip.
The pictures are so sweet. Give him lots of hugs and kisses. Awwww!

kelly said...

How traumatic! Poor little Jonah. We might need to keep Jordan away from him for a few days...she's bound to poke at it.

Beth said...

Poor little guy. Did he get lots of ice cream? : )

Michelle said...

Bless his heart. I'm glad he is okay.

That picture at the bottom made me chuckle though. They TOTALLY look like two grown men watching TV. Too cute!