Monday, January 08, 2007

Wind Storm

We had some really strong winds last week during a storm. The power went out briefly, scaring Henry pretty badly (even though it wasn't quite dark yet!). Sam and I were watching construction debris blow over our fence in the back yard. There were big sheets of siding breaking on the fence and actually coming over--it was pretty cool to watch. So there's all this noise (and lots of thunder too) and we hear a big crash. We weren't sure what it was, but just assumed it was more junk from the construction on the lot next door.

A few minutes later, Sam's parents stopped by for a visit. We were shocked when we met them at the door and saw this tree across our driveway! It had been blowing in the wind and just snapped right in half! We are SO thankful that it didn't hit our house or truck. And even more thankful that Sam's parents didn't show up a few minutes earlier! It landed right where they usually park!

When Sam went out to move the tree he found that it was REALLY heavy. So he pulled out the chainsaw, cut it up and started dragging it away, piece by piece. Henry isn't one to miss out on a good clean-up, so he ran to the garage, got his boots and then raced back into the house. We had no idea what he was after. He came back out with his mask on. When asked why, he said it was his keep the rain out!


Beth said...

Once again, here I am laughing outloud at your son! He is a riot. :)

Marybeth said...

SOooooooooo cute! I'm so glad we got to witness that and also that GOD delayed us by a few minutes so our car was not too!

Ginger said...

Whew, I thought maybe he was protecting his eyebrows! Glad everyone was safe.