Saturday, February 10, 2007

Henry, the photographer

To all my faithful readers (ha ha), sorry that I have been away from the blogworld for so long! It has been a bit of a rough week. I thought I would show everyone a bit of Henry's recent work:

He has really taken an interest in the camera--makes it a little difficult to take pictures of him, because he always wants to be on my side of the camera!

Jonah's birthday was pretty fun. Many of you know that some things were going on that day to add a little stress to our lives, but Jonah did have a wonderful day! He got to have some balloons, lots of cake (with extra frosting, of course!) and presents from everyone! He got a tickle-me-elmo from my mom that has to be the funniest toy I've ever seen. You can't see this toy in action without laughing!

Also, as I mentioned in my last blog, Jonah moved up to a big-boy bed this week! He has been doing really well so far! He doesn't really have trouble at night. The only problem so far has been his naps tend to be shorter. But that really isn't so bad!

I'll try to have something more exciting to write about next time--I have a ton of pictures on my camera that need to be downloaded, surely there is something good on there!


Ginger said...

What a sweet picture! It's nice to know that your husband looks so happy, haha. I know he has SUCH a rough life. You guys are so cute! So glad Jonah made it through his big day. How long before you are ready to have Elmo disappear? Can't wait to see more picture's of your little guys:)

Heidi Jo said...

I love that he took a picture of you guys! We love family photos so give us all you've got!

Shanygne said...

He did such a good job! I think I would let him take ALL the pictures from now on!

Glad he got to celebrate!

Just Mom said...

That photo is fantastic. Maybe now you can be in more family photos.

Michelle Franzen said...

Pretty darn good for a 2 year old! Such a fun age eh?

Beth said...

Wow, that's pretty good!

I lost my profile picture last night when I was forced by blogger to switch to the beta. I tried having Cole take one of me, but that didn't go so well . . . I guess I'll have to live without a profile picture until David gets back. : )