Thursday, February 01, 2007

Jonah--after stitches

Jonah had his stitches out on Sunday afternoon. The doctor had said he wanted to see him on Sunday to see how they were looking and maybe take them out. I didn't realize that the direct care clinic was only open from 1-4 pm so I took him right after church (so we would be early and not have to wait, ha ha). Found out they didn't open until 1 and vowed to be back at 1:00 on the nose. Well, things never work out that easily, do they? For various reasons, we didn't make it back to the clinic until 2:30 and there were about 12 people waiting ahead of us. Oh, and the whole family was now along, instead of just me and Jonah.

Here's where the fun starts. Jonah made a round of the waiting room, saying "hi!" to each person individually. Then he and Henry decided that wrestling would be a fun thing to do while they waited. (Such a nice, quiet activity!) At some point, Jonah tried to heave himself up onto a chair and ended up throwing up right on the fabric covered chair. (Should I mention now that he wasn't sick, before or after this visit? Maybe it was just nerves.) There were a total of TWO children's books in the entire waiting room (and I hadn't even brought in a diaper bag, thinking this would be a quick stop.) and once the kids tired of those, they started looking over the magazines. They were all encased in these nice little plastic folders, with sharp, pointy edges. The boys eventually decided to argue over one particular car magazine. I saw Henry yank it out of Jonah's hands, and told him to give it back. I know I should have seen it coming, but I didn't.....instead of handing the magazine back, Henry threw it at Jonah, hitting him square in the forehead (mere millimeters from his stitches).

Finally, at 4:00 the receptionist is walking around closing up blinds and locking doors. There were still 3 people ahead of us!

So I went up and spoke to the receptionist, to tell her that we would just come back another day. She said she thought we should stay, and that she would go and speak to the doctor. The doctor said he definitely wanted to see him, and we were magically bumped ahead of the three people ahead of us! :) Sorry folks, but I didn't even feel bad about it!

That's when the wailing started. As soon as Jonah saw the room, he recognized it and started crying. Then he could hear the doctor speaking in the hallway and would cry every time he heard him say anything! Finally the doctor came in, said his forehead was healing nicely and that we could take out the stitches. I was so grateful that we hadn't waited all that time, just to be told come back later! Jonah handled getting out the stitches very well, and clapped his hands when we told him it was all through. Then they gave him a sticker and a sucker and sent us on our way!


Heidi Jo said...

Our Katy has the same paci...not that I'm proud of that, it's rather embarassing actually.

What a trooper! Waiting rooms SUCK...pardon my use of such a gross word.

Just Mom said...

When you described how Jonah made the rounds in the waiting room, I chuckled. He reminds me of my son Alex, who loves to mingle.

By the way, I agree. I wouldn't feel guilty about being bumped to the front of the line either. Good for you.

Shanygne said...

I didn't know you had a blogger!

Congratulations again on the pregnancy!

Man... I hate the thought of one of my kids getting stitches! (kinda surprised we have made it this far without them...hope I didn't just jinx us!!)

Glad it's over, though... Poor Jonah! But think of the cool scar he will have for a while..

Ginger said...

One more ordeal down for the little Hasz guys. Hope everyone stays in one piece and nice and healthy. I'm surprised those two are dressing up like little doctors these days :)

Heidi Jo said...

I just had my own NIGHTMARE doctor's visit today. Chest x-rays on a two year old and $65.00 in medicine later...

Bad, bad experience that I'm praying was a test from God to see if I can tolerate stupidity on all time HIGH levels.

Beth said...

So glad that ordeal is all over!

You amaze me at how you are able to have such a great attitude ALL the time . . . like when they were closing the blinds and you politely asked if you should come back later . . .

You inspire me!