Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Happy 70th Birthday!

Today is Dave (my father in law)'s 70th birthday!

Even though he will probably never see this, I wanted to wish him a Happy Birthday!

(I had to post two pictures, because after I posted the first one I noticed that David wasn't in the picture--oops! And my husband thought it would be "cute" to goof around in ALL of the pictures that were taken--at least in the first one he's kind of looking normal.)

He is a wonderful man who brought up four kids in a loving, Christian home, and now he has 15 grandchildren (who adore him!) living close enough to see all the time.

Last night we had a party for him at Sam's sister's house. We started the evening off with a treasure hunt (which Dave won, of course!) all over the property and then enjoyed some lovely fish cake (Dave is a die-hard fisherman!)--you'll have to see this, it's a fish with it's mouth open:

It was a very fun evening. We love you Dave and hope you enjoyed your birthday! I hope when I turn 70 I will be surrounded by this much love!


Heidi Jo said...

that is awesome. sometimes when we're around our families, i sit back and wonder what goes through the minds of the oldest in the room. knowing that through their flesh and blood came all of this craziness and love! what a blessing. the bible talks about the glory of age and our children gathering around us in our old special. thanks for sharing.

Ginger said...

So sweet. Dave and Marybeth have much to be thankful for with all of you great kids! Thanks for putting the pictures on the post. I so miss Beth and Kelly. I'm sure Marybeth will see to it that Dave sees this post. What a wonderful family. It's so great that you can all be together for special times like this.
Ha, Sam the Ham...never a dull moment with that guy around. Am I right about that?

Lori B said...

Happy Birthday to your Father In Law.
It was fun to see your family pictures!
I like the cake!!

Just Mom said...

I love family gatherings. Unfortunately I have to live vicariously through others because none of my relatives (including the in-laws) are anywhere near S.D.

Happy Birthday to your father-in-law.

Oh! Love that fish cake.

Grace said...

What wonderful family pictures! The fish cake is too cute!!!

Michelle Franzen said...

I love the little girl's face in the fish cake picture...she doesn't seem too impressed. :-)

I miss the Hasz family--such a great one. Tell Beth and Kelly hello from me. They are missed!

mary said...

that's awesome that you all got together to celebrate and i love the cake....and you know it wouldn't be right if Sam wasn't doing something in the picture.