Thursday, March 15, 2007

He did it!

Sometimes it's tough to be the younger brother! Especially when you aren't able to do a lot of talking. Yesterday, Henry came running into the kitchen while I was working on dinner. (I have to point out that I had just dropped my bucket of flour and everything in my kitchen--including me--had a nice, white dusting over it!)

Here's how our conversation went:

Henry: Mom, you've got to come quick!
Mom: Why, honey? Is everything okay?
Henry: Yes, but you have to come see what Jonah did!
Mom: Can you just tell me? I'm trying to get this flour cleaned up.
Henry: Well, I was just sitting in my room by myself, not doing ANYTHING at all, and Joe went in the guest room and made a BIG mess! He knocked over the crib and broke it, he took all the movies off the shelf and he jumped on the bed!

By this time, Jonah had joined us in the kitchen.

Mom: Henry, if you were sitting in your room, how do you know what happened?
Henry: I just know.
Mom: (trying not to laugh) Jonah, is that really what happened?
Jonah: Uh huh!


Lori B said...

Funny! Makes you wonder who really did it!!

Ginger said...

Reminds me of my friends little guys. The older brother, Nathaniel blamed Joseph for peeing in a bag that contained all nice, clean and folded clothes. He ran to tell his mom just like Henry did. When his mom asked how he knew the detail of what Joseph did he answered, "Well, maybe I peed on them, too" Haha, isn't that great! (Only because they were not my kids or my clean clothes :)
I just love little kids now that mine are all grown up. Have you found any pennies around the house lately?....still laughing at that one!

Momma Roar said...

We have things like that happen here too. I can only imagine what our littlest one will be blamed for by the older two!

(I have 5, cough, yeah 5 pair of dankso shoes - did I mention my sister lives near a dankso outlet and that I am a bit of a shoe fanatic?)

Lisa H said...

Ginger, I'm glad you found such humor in the pennies! Apparently my boys did too, because I get daily reminders....pennies in my bed, pennies in the dryer, pennies in my desk drawers, pennies in our shoes....(at least there haven't been anymore in the toilet!)

A smart mom would probably move the pennies, but I keep thinking we can keep them out of there!

Just Mom said...

Isn't it wonderful how siblings look out for each other and keep secrets? Hilarious. That reminds me of my sister and me.

Ginger said...

Sorry Lisa, can you tell I'm preparing my attitude for someday becoming a grandma? I would not find quite so much humor in that story if it had been Jenna. Dave and I both loved that post when you wrote it. We just laughed and laughed...only grandparents would do that, right?
Your boys are just too cute. See, I should live in TX, I would make a great Auntie Ginger for them, haha!

Marybeth said...

That makes me laugh...I just LOVE the pictures! Those guys are just SO, so precious!