Friday, March 30, 2007


I got the following out of a MOPS magazine. It was written by Michelle Grant Scott. I just really liked it and identified with a lot of it--some of them I probably need to work on some more!

The picture is me with Henry when he was four weeks old.

Motherhood has taught me . . .

  • to asses a child's well-being through a cracked door

  • to tiptoe so hushed that only baby breath is audible

  • to kiss an owie so lightly it removes some pain

  • to interpret for a toddler who longs to speak with dignity

  • to discern when a whimper means danger or simply "notice me"

  • to smile at dirty dishes, while marching alongside little legs

  • to embrace, not hide, "happy tears" that now come daily

  • to laugh at little shoulder taps in the middle of the night

  • to recognize God's wisdom in a toddler's voice

  • to adapt my dancing style to lead or follow chubby bare feet

  • to rely on God's strength to carry me after countless sleepless nights

  • to giggle and simultaneously turn a cartwheel

  • to harmoniously rock, pat and hum in the moonlight

  • to perform ballet while tasting sweet drops of rain

  • to appreciate the beauty of baby belly-buttons

  • to look into bright blue eyes and feel the world stop

  • to know beyond any doubt I am what God created me to be . . .


And this is growth.


mary said...

Lisa that is such a wonderful collection of beautiful thoughts and I think you do all of them quite well. You are such a good mother and I'm so proud of you. I love

~Ginger said...

You had better frame that! You have my crying again! I want to do it all over one more time :) I am happy for you...

Dave and I just looked out our kitchen window and saw our young neighbors have a little tikes play set on the patio. Awww, their baby will be big enough to play outside this summer. Dave said, "We will just have to have another one." Too bad we are getting so old. We just love babies.

Momma Roar said...

What a cute picture and a sweet post.

Hey Ginger, you want to come babysit for us?

Just Mom said...

I love this post, Lisa. Thanks for sharing it with us.

You're so fortunate to have a MOPS group near you. I was hoping there would be one near me when I first became a SAHM, but I couldn't find one. I also had no energy at that time to start one. Who knows...

Momma Roar -- What say we drop off our kids at Ginger's and then go do something fun.

Heidi Jo said...

amen i say to you.

~Ginger said...

I say, come on over.

First of all I would love to meet all of you, and secondly, I need to warn you that I kiss the cheeks of children until they are unrecognizable. You may all end up going home with someone elses child. Any child left behind stays with ME!

I do have one draw back...runny noses, the thick green kind that go flying with a sneeze..yuck! Glad spring is in the air :)

Lisa H said...

Ginger, you're so cute! My boys don't mind kisses, so I'm sure they'd love you!

I like this babysitting idea. Ginger could be a traveling nanny for the blogging girls! Spend a week here, spend a week there.... :)

Lisa H said...

I almost forgot...MOPS is incredible! It is such a relaxing morning every other week--I leave feeling absolutely refreshed. And my kids really look forward to going too, because they have so much fun!

I would encourage you to talk to the people at your church and see if anyone is interested in helping. It isn't really so much work to get it going if you've got some help and the support of your church. And it's definitely worth the effort. :)

kddub said...

That is seriously such a beautiful description of motherhood. Thank you for posting it, it's very encouraging.

Grace said...

Wonderful post! I can definitely relate... thanks for sharing. Cute picture!!!

Lori B said...

We used to have a MOPS here in town, but that was a few years ago. I remember taking Derek. It was before I had Megan.
I so enjoyed going. It was a nice morning of speakers, crafts, eating (mommy time). They providers sitters for our kids right there also.
I miss it. I wish we had it now.

That was a neat set of thoughts on Motherhood.

Michelle Franzen said...

I need to work on the smile at dirty dishes and march on with the little legs!

Know Grace MOPS is dear friend Shonna I believe is in it with you.