Wednesday, March 21, 2007


The boys and I were out running errands yesterday. Some fun, some just had to get done. At two different places I had people ask me about my "twins." The boys were dressed alike, but they often do wear the same shirts--they just like to match! Or as Henry says, "patch." :) It made me laugh, because as their mom I can see just how different they are, but I forget that people just glancing at them can see their similarities more easily!
So here is a picture of "the twins." You can decide for yourself if those people were crazy or not!


Ginger said...

Yup, crazy! Those two ARE equally adorable, but twins? I don't think so.

At my house I started have issues with my kids as they got older when it came to the phone. I couldn't, and some times still can't, tell who I am talking to. They all sound alike on the phone. I end up saying, "Jen? Lee?" Thank goodness I do know if it's Dave :)

Heidi Jo said...

They are adoreable and to a stranger it's possible.

I took the kids to church alone one day and an older lady said this after the Mass: "What adoreable kids you have, and these two girls must be twins." Me, "Nope, she's 4(at the time) and she is 2." She puzzeled her brow as she tried to add up the sum of the others, "Well then, are the two oldest twins?"

I think it's not so much that they look alike as it is that they have been watching me with my tribe through the whole service and can't believe that anyone would purposely have four kids that close together so one set must be twins!

Just Mom said...

Your boys are definitely adorable, but they don't look like twins. If you want them to look like twins, you will need them to wear the same shoes. (I'm kidding.)

Lori B said...

They are cute! They look alike with their matching shirts.
They look like brothers but I don't think they look like twins. One is bigger than the other.