Friday, June 22, 2007

Friday night....

Movie night!

The boys are watching "Finding Nemo" tonight for their Friday night movie. One of their favorites, and one I actually enjoy watching with them!

They have little chairs set up in right in front of the tv (with a big picnic blanket spread out underneath them!) and they just finished their pizza and moved onto popcorn.
Here's where it gets good. A few minutes ago, during a quiet spot in the movie.....Henry leaned over to Jonah and put his hand on him. They had the following conversation:
H: "Jonah, I love you."
J: "Yeah."
H: "But I really love you."
J: "Me too."
H: "You're my favorite brother ever!!"

I think these are the sweetest two boys on Earth! They certainly do make my heart happy!


Beth said...

Okay, that moment is totally the reason we blog . . . aren't you glad it is captured forever? What could be sweeter?

The Macchio Family said...

absolutely precious... precious. ~ kim

~Ginger said...

Could they have gotten this way because they have such great parents?

Priceless, that's what they are, priceless little men!

Just Mom said...

These are the moments that make parenting fun.

Heidi Jo said...

wiping a tear....that is precious!

michelle f said...

So sweet! We love Memo (as my 2 year old refers to it) too.

Love the nursery as have been busy. Are you relaxing and taking time off...ok so maybe not with 2 little boys. :-)