Thursday, July 12, 2007

Dance Party

We go through phases at our house. One week it's coloring with crayons, the next week it's molding things out of play-doh. One week it's riding bikes on the back patio every free minute of the day, the next week it's pic-nic time every afternoon. I know that children love routines, I am just amazed at how often my kids get these mini-obsessions!

Anyway, our current phase is the dance party. We crank up the tunes (any music is fine, but we're currently listening to some great oldies from the 60's!) and bust a move in the living room! Of course it doesn't hurt to have a costume on when you come to the dance party (since costumes our the other current obsession!).

Dancing can really wipe a kid out! What great exercise, huh? I actually LOVE dancing around the living room with them--so fun! And then I feel like I actually worked some exercise into my day (since I haven't been able to work up the energy to make it to the gym lately!).


Beth said...

Very cute!

David brought home a picture of Cole and the boys in their costumes. Thank you so much—it is adorable!

~Ginger said...

I've been wondering, did you go roller skating? I hope you just watched!!!

Just Mom said...

These photos are so CUTE!

We love dancing (Conga-line style) at our house. It's so much fun hearing Alex get the giggles as we dance around the house.

michelle f said...

We have dance parties too and I won't comment on who usually initiates them. :-)

Cute pics!