Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Our week (so far) in pictures....

I think Henry has finally conquered his fear of creepy, crawly things....he caught this cute little frog all by himself! He was quite proud of himself. He only lost his composure when he let it go and it jumped up on his shoulder--that was a little too close for comfort! I just love the things two year old say. Jonah was playing with Bridget this morning--getting her to look in different directions, and he said to me, "Look Mama, she keeps looking back and forest!"
"Would you please turn that camera off so that I can smile?"
The boys are finally loving playing outside again! It got a little hot for them this summer and my boys who have always LOVED to be outside have been hibernating inside as much as possible. Lately the temperatures have been upper 70s to lower 80s and low humidity--absolutely perfect!
A sunset walk/adventure. This was at the start and the sun was already setting. We thought we were on a loop, but after two miles we weren't getting any closer to our car. By the time we got back it was completely dark and we got to see some bats flying around.

I just love pictures of all my boys!


Anonymous said...

Lisa, these pictures are just great! Bridget looks so much like Sam and Henry. Jonah is just a beautiful little boy. What a great family you have. I just loved every single picture you posted...perfect!

Just Mom said...

I still haven't overcome my fear of creepy, crawly things.

Cute photos.

BTW ... how cold does it get in the fall/winter where you are?

Heidi Jo said...

lovely photo stream. seems out of season though, as the shorts and tanks have been stored away for another season.

Grace said...

Beautiful pictures!

Bridget is looking so much older. She's a doll!

My boys love FROGS!!!! Big ones, little ones...they would swim with the little frogs in the pool during the summer. I, on the other hand, only like baby ones. :)

Sunset = Breathtaking

Anonymous said...

Glad you found me! I recongnize your profile photo...probably from reading other blogs you've commented on. Yeah, I love reading A Life With Grace because she has two boys and a girl, that that's what you have! My boys are 15 months and 2 (nearly 3) and baby Maisie is 3 weeks:)

Lisa H said...

Just Mom, it does actually get cold here! :) Just maybe not as cold as you get! What I remember from last year (my first winter here) it didn't get really cold until January or so.

We're having a cold front come through this it's only supposed to get up to 63. And that will feel cold to us for some reason! The boys both put on pants and long sleeved shirts because it was so chilly this morning!