Monday, December 31, 2007

Christmas eve and Christmas day pictures!


sam said...

Well let me just be the first. What great pictures of me you took that really ameliorated my day. Good thing I am so lissome. Anyway, Nice slide show and glad to see everyone is so salubrious.

~Just A Thought Ginger said...

Huh? What did Sam just write to you?

The pics are really fun and make the joy of Christmas time with kids shine through.

Blessings in the new year to all of you!

Lisa H said...

Ginger (and anyone else who might be confused by Sam's language!),

Sam has been working on expanding his vocabulary. He learns obscure new words and uses them in his everyday life. And of course I am expected to keep up with him and know which ones mean what. :)

It is really funny to see how people respond. Some people just try to pretend they know exactly what he meant, and others are more like Ginger's response ("Huh? What did you just say?")

Life with Sam is NEVER dull! :)

Just Mom said...

Way to get those Christmas photos posted just under the wire. ;-D

Loved them.

Re. Sam's use of big words ... I thought I was bad.

Jennifer said...

Oh, funny husband!!

SO glad you're back in the saddle after Christmas! Looked fun:) Good to see another photo of YOU. Yummy gingerbread houses and cameras from Grandma!? Wow!

Happy New Year!

Heidi Jo said...

what fabulous memories and pictures! you are super mom for doing that gingerbread house...i need to work on my creative skills and do more like that with my kids.

Grace said...

Great photos!

I love the one with Jonah on the tractor. Too cute!

The gingerbread house is beautiful.

Looks like a lot of wonderful Christmas memories.

Happy New Year!

Tami said...

Fun pic's. I love the idea of making the house out of graham crackers. I'll have to remember that for next year. Hope you had a happy new year.