Thursday, February 07, 2008

Happy Birthday Jonah!

Samuel Jonah Jonah Jo-Jo Joey Jo-Bear Bear Bubba

Our little Jonah is three years old today! He is the happiest little boy that I know and always brings a smile to those around him. Jonah adores his big brother and little sister and has already established himself as the peacemaker of the family. He is easy going, obedient, funny and full of love. Jonah's greatest joy is being carried around (he is always saying, "Can I carry you?" It's so cute that we don't want to correct him) and sitting in laps. Jonah is blessed with a very tender heart. We are so thankful to have this sweet, funny, lovable little boy in our family!

at birth
six months
one year oldtwo years old
my big three year old!

Happy Birthday Jonah! We love you so much!


michelle f said...

Happy Birthday CUTE boy!

Hey, I have a blonde little 3 year old girl....hmmmm!

Anonymous said...

I think your big guy looks like you. It's funny because as I look at the pictures I can see Henry's eyes on a couple. What a cute little boy. Those middle kids are priceless. Mine has always been the peacekeeper, too.

My kids all used to say, "Mama hold you" when the wanted to be held. Don't you love it.

Just Mom said...

Happy Birthday, Jonah. Yes, you can carry me.

Heidi Jo said...

happy birthday jo-jo!

i love the nicknames. we're big nick-namers here too and the kids really become attached and part of their family names!

Anonymous said...

Happy (belated!) bithday, Jonah!! (So, Jonah is actually his MIDDLE name??)

Grace said...

Jonah, I hope you had a WONDERFUL, FUN birthday. Happy Birthday.

Lisa, I love the pictures. They grow up way too quick.