Monday, March 10, 2008

Snow in East Texas!!!!

Let me start off with apologies to my friends in the Northern states who are probably sick and tired of the snow by sorry!
For my family this was pretty exciting! This is our second winter in Texas, and we have all really missed having snow on the ground. Last winter it snowed here twice, but there was no accumulation either time.
Last Friday it SNOWED at our house! Real snow. Snowball fight and snowmen snow.

The front of the house

The boys ran to put on their boots, coats and hats over their pajamas. Then they just stood outside with their mouths open, expressions of pure joy on their faces!

Henry got it figured out pretty quickly. He made snowballs, ran around in the yard, discovered that "It's fun to fall down in the snow!" and asked for help building a snowman.

Jonah enjoyed it, but not quite as much as Henry. He couldn't help but be excited because the rest of us were so excited, but I don't think he liked having cold hands! Because we don't usually have snow around here, we no longer keep good gloves in the the boys had pretty wet hands by the time we were done.

Here's Henry with his first snowman. This one survived. His second and third ones were taller than he was, but Elmer got a little excited and knocked them down (before I could take pictures!).

It didn't last long. By the afternoon most of the snow was gone, and the snowmen were getting pretty small.

Every day since (at least four times a day) Henry has been praying about the snow. He thanks God for the snow he sent and tells him how much fun he had and always remembers to ask for more! :)

Happy Winter to you all! Hope you all enjoy the last few weeks of the season!


michelle f said...

Sooo Fun!!! I miss the snow!

Tami said...

I remember when we lived in FL and it snowed. We were so excited. Now that we get snow every winter...I can't wait for it to melt. Have fun in it while it lasts. :0)

Heidi Jo said...

i'm sure it was a thrill for your kids. the melting and running water here are thrilling me:0)

Just Mom said...

I remember how excited I was the first time I saw snow "in real life." The thrill is now gone.

Grace said...

How FUN! Looks like you guys got a little more than we did. Great pictures!

No snowman here, but my eldest made a snow angel. His school wasn't canceled that day, so he did not have a lot of time to enjoy it.

~Just A Thought Ginger said...

What a huge treat for the boys. It's like us getting a 50 degree day in March :)

Love the photos! I know Beto just loves to get some snow, too. He acts just like a kid.

Kerrie said...

When we lived in TX, we loved the snow. It was always wet and we could always make a snowman.

Looks fun!