Friday, April 25, 2008

Bella Boo

This beautiful girl is the girl that Henry intends to marry. He talks about her ALL...THE...TIME. No joke. When he prays (at night or before meals) it always starts off with "Dear Jesus, thank you for Isabella and...." (Don't worry Andi, Lexi is always in there too!) We see her a few times a week (twice at preschool and usually at least once for a play-date and often at Sunday school) and it is never enough. At the dinner table the other day Henry told us that when he thinks about Isabella his "heart just cracks, because I love her so much!" Where does a four year old even come up with words like that?

Henry decided a while back that he is going to marry Isabella. He wants to marry her when they are 33 and then live with Sam and me. He didn't ask her--he told her, but I don't think she minds at all. She is called "Bella" by her parents and friends, but Henry insists on calling her "Isabella" and I think that is so cute! Jonah prefers to call her "Bella Boo" after hearing her mom call her that one time. :)

My future daughter-in-law's mom has also started a blog. She only has one post up so far, but I'm sure she'll be a blogging-addict in no time. If you want to stop by her site, it is The I's Have It!. I'm sure she'd love to have a few visitors!


nickernoodle said...

That is so cute. Hey, at least you get along with your future in-laws already! I love Bridget's dress and she already has runway model written all over her! Too cute!

Just Mom said...

Love it!

Kim said...

That was too sweet!! I just showed Bella your blog and read it to her and she just giggled the whole time! When I ask her why she and Henry can't live with me when they get married, she says, "Ms. Lisa might be sad!"

And thanks for the shout-out... I need to get going on my blog!

Andrea said...

I'm not going to mention this to Lexi. It might make her heart crack,because she loves him so much. :)

Grace said...

Too cute! Henry is such a sweetheart!