Monday, May 19, 2008

Arkansas re-cap

We had a great time vacationing in Arkansas last week! It was really cold the first night (with no heat in our cabin!) but then warmed up a bit. Which is a good thing because after setting the carpet on fire, we didn't want to use the wood-burning stove anymore. Ha! There was great company, good food (too much!), the great outdoors, and even some shopping! Lots of fun.

During dinner (at Jon and Kelly's cabin) one night, Henry said the funniest thing. He pushed away from the table and went running across the room to the window, yelling, "HEY! I SEE A NOSE-PICKER! See it, see it? Way up in that tree! It's one of those NOSE-PICKERS!" I was laughing so hard (and trying not to let Henry see me laughing) that I fell on the floor. It was actually a red-headed WOODPECKER. :)

One day we stopped in a clothing store that was going out of business. Jonah went in the dressing room with me when I wanted to try on a cute summer dress (that didn't look quite as cute on me as it did on the hanger). There were clothes laying all over the floor and Jonah was pretty excited about it. He said, "Now I can try on clothes too!" And he did.

And then there's the story of Bass Pro Shops and the GPS. I have this great thing in my car--it's called a Garmin. I don't travel anywhere without it! It gives me directions, tells me where things are, finds the nearest park--it is amazing.

So one day, it's raining and Sam decides a fun thing to do would be to go to Bass Pro and look around. The kids always enjoy going to that kind of store and it would get us out of the cabin. So I pull out my garmin and look up Bass Pro Shop. It shows the nearest one is 30 miles away, but it says the travel time is a little over an hour. Weird. We figure, "Why not?" so we head out.

An hour and a half later we are traveling on a little deserted two lane highway in the middle of nowhere. The garmin is telling me that in 5/10 of a mile I will be at my destination. And what do we see? A dirt road leading down to a park with a pavilion and a bunch of picnic tables.

I called a family meeting by the side of the road (Kelly and the kids were riding with me and the guys were in another car following us) and we looked into the problem. After some investigation and a few phone calls, we determined the nearest Bass Pro Shop to actually be in Branson, MO.

Another hour away.


I may have lost a little bit of faith in my trusty Garmin after that little episode.

We went ahead and drove into Branson. That sure is a fun place! We didn't do much while we were there--it was already past lunch AND nap times by the time we got there. We did visit the Bass Pro and walk around on the landing and look at the fountains. Of course we got ice cream while we were there too. :)

All in all, a very fun week. What exciting things did you do this week?

Oh, and I do realize that I didn't get any pictures of Bridget into this post. I'll try to get some up of her later this week. Have a great week!


Andrea said...

The woodpecker story is so funny! I'm glad you guys had fun. :)

Heidi Jo said...

that looks like so much fun! i love it when you post pictures of your family.

Kim said...

Arkansas is so beautiful. We stayed in a gorgeous cabin up in the mountains in Azalea Falls when I was preggars w/Bella.... I'm glad to hear you guys had so much fun... despite the mishaps!! And we're glad you're back now!

NOSE-PICKER!! Too funny!!

Just Mom said...

Gotta love the polka dot shirt.

~Just A Thought Ginger said...

Great photos and looks like a great time.

Poor little Jonah...nursing dolls and trying on women's clothes. Oh the memories you guys are going to have to share with him someday, hehe.

~Just A Thought Ginger said...

...just told Dave about the nose picker. He is dying with laugher! Thanks for sharing :)