Saturday, May 10, 2008

Garage Sale!

I LOVE garage sales, but I have to clarify one thing here...I love going to garage sales. I don't necessarily love hosting garage sales. Luckily, I have some great friends who were all willing to pitch in a little and help keep everything running smoothly. (Thank you Andrea, Kelly and Kim! You are all wonderful!)

Here's the girls who had items in the sale....(Kim, why didn't we have Sam take the picture so you'd be in it too? You had the most popular cookies in the sale! I wasn't thinking--sometimes I'm an airhead....)

Here's Andi trying on the merchandise. Can you believe somebody actually bought this coat? Shall I remind you that we live in TEXAS where it is averaging 80 degrees right now?
Bridget occupied herself with trying to lick the legs off one of the tables...
We had a few offers on her, but fortunately she stayed with us! ;)

And here are the businessmen. Henry asked every single person who set foot in our driveway if they'd like to buy some cookies. And many of them did--he made around $15 total!

It was a lot of fun and we got rid of a lot of things!

Next week we are headed to Arkansas for a little vacation with Jon and Kelly. I'm not sure I ever posted about it, but we went last year with these two. We stayed in some cabins on a lake, owned by Kelly's family members. All the way there, we were telling the boys that we were going to Kelly's uncle's cabin. He translated that to "Cabin's House." We didn't realize that is what he was thinking until we got there and he asked, "Where is Cabin?" :) He told me yesterday that he hopes Cabin isn't there so we can stay at his house again. Ha!

Anyway, I'll be gone from blogging (no internet access? Will I make it? We'll see!) for the next little while.

Happy Mother's Day to all you mama's out there and I hope you have a great week!


{ Kiddos & K9s } said...

That's great!!!!!!!!!

Happy Mother's Day! Many blessings to you today... ~ kim

Andrea said...

I should take up modeling. I mean have you ever seen a better looking eskimo?

Happy Mother's Day to you too. See ya in a week. Have fun!!!

Kim said...

So glad you had a good turnout! Hope you all have fun in Arkansas! What will we do without you guys for A WHOLE WEEK??? :)

Hope you had a GREAT Mother's Day!

Heidi Jo said...

i love garage sales too. you have to be persistant and stay the course... because sometimes it takes hitting 30 or 40 before you find one that is a jackpot. but when you do---such fun!

Tiffany said...

Fun, fun!!! I love garage sales too. I've already told you about that though. Yeah for Dumb and Dumber.

My neighbor and I are having one in her garage this weekend. I can't wait to get rid of all our stuff.

I'd have bought that furry parka from you. It would have been used every day from October to April up here.

Grace said...

I hope you are having a FUN trip! I look forward to hearing about it.

michelle f said...

Oh I miss garage sales...going and having them!

One year that I hosted a garage sale there in interns helped...they bought a few items that were for sale (actually I think they just took them) wrapped them and gave them to me for my birthday. Needless to say they were not my favorite interns...just kidding they actually were my favorites!