Thursday, May 22, 2008

Update on the house....

Here it is! Not bad, huh?

And don't worry. The house isn't actually sitting on an angle like it appears in the picture. That is just due to my AMAZING photography skills! ;)

It seems like they are moving so quickly! I have a more recent picture (from last night) but it is still in my camera. The only difference is that they are completely finished with the brick and there is a whole load of drywall in the garage. They haven't shingled the roof yet, and they can't do the drywall until the roof is finished. I think that was supposed to get done today, but I haven't been out there to see yet.

July will be here before we know it. I feel like I should be packing up this house, but I don't know where I will find the time (or energy) to do it. Wish me luck!


Just Mom said...


Andrea said...

It looks great.

4under3 said...

Oh sweet Lord that looks wonderful!!

I can just imagine baby chicks running around in the backyard, and a fabulous flower garden just off the side of the house. Oh--oh--I love it!!

Kim said...

Boy, it's really coming along! I can't believe we haven't been out there to see the brick!!

I'm so excited for you... and you're right, July is just around the corner! We've got a flat-bed trailer if you need to borrow it... but you have to pack first! ;)

michelle f said...

Gorgeous. So nice to see a 2 story house in E. Texas

Deborah Granick said...

Your new home looks LOVELY! You must be so excited!

Grace said...

Oh my goodness! It's look beautiful!
I'm so excited for you all.

Since I'm justing seeing this, they must be even closer to finishing. Can't wait to see more photos.

How's the packing? I hope all is going well!