Monday, June 02, 2008

Henry turns 5!

We celebrated Henry's 5th birthday this weekend with a party at the lake.

We swam, took the boat out for tube rides, swam some more, ate lunch and a bunch of snacks, swam a little more and had cake. Then we talked about swimming a little more aft, but the boys were pretty wiped out after all that swimming!

Wow. My little guy isn't so little anymore--he is starting kindergarten in the fall and that's all he talks about. Well, that and all things Isabella. ;)

Anyway, Henry is a wonderful kid. As the first born, he introduced Sam and I to parenting, and we've been loving every minute of it since. Henry is creative, a natural leader, an incredible big brother and a budding negotiater. He must have gotten all that from Sam!
Right now, Henry is really interested in semi trucks. He will often count how many we see as we drive down the road and then he wonders aloud, "Will we ever own a semi, so I can drive one for real?" He spends as much time as he can driving cars and trucks on his floor mat "roads" and also loves anything spiderman.
As a baby Henry was NOT a snuggler. As a toddler, Henry would gently remove our hands if we rested them on his shoulder or leg. Now, as a big five year old, Henry loves to sit in our laps to read books and he often crawls into our bed in the early morning hours (he enjoys getting up at 6 am!) to snuggle up for a few minutes before hitting the floor running.

This has always been one of my favorite pictures of Henry. He was not quite two here.

Henry graciously broke in Elmer for us when he was two--bareback was his specialty.

This last picture is just one from the pool when Henry was three. He LOVES the water and plans to spend the entire summer swimming as much as possible!

Happy Birthday, my Henry. I love you and am so glad that I get to be your mom!


Kim said...

Hand me a kleenex, please!!

I LOVE those pictures. Isn't it hard to imagine that not too long ago he was your tiny baby?? Where does the time go?

We had SO MUCH FUN yesterday! That was such a great birthday party... you should do that every year!! :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HENRY (my future son-in-law)!!!!!

Heidi Jo said...

oh how sweet. that is interesting that he didn't crave physical contact as a baby/toddler. most males do!

sounds like a true first born son, all the qualities that i see familiar in mine. makes having more seem not so tough, doesn't it?

4under3 said...

It's just not fair how fast they grow up. Such cute pictures of your big guy. Did you paint his face?

sam said...

Do you have any good poems you could post?

Anonymous said...

I know you feel blessed to be Henry's mom.

I know how blessed Henry is to be YOUR son!

Happy birthday Henry! Love the spidy face :)

Grace said...

What a fun 5th birthday! Wonderful photos! He's so blessed to have you, too!

It sounds like kindergarten will be an easy transition for him. I'm SO glad. This will make it easier for you! :)

Happy Birthday, Henry!


Andrea said...

He was such a cute baby!
We had so much fun at your party.
Time does go by fast. I saw some pics of Alyssa a couple years ago and its so sad.