Monday, June 09, 2008

Picking Blueberries!

The kids and I went blueberry picking this morning--what fun! They are so yummy and we all enjoy going out and filling up our buckets.

There is a blueberry farm just up the road from our house and it's only a little over a dollar a pound to pick your own, which is MUCH better than 5-6 dollars for a tiny little container at the local grocery store!

We try to head out a few times during the (short) blueberry season and pick as many as we can and then freeze them so we have blueberries year round! Last year we only had them through maybe Thanksgiving, so I'm going to try and get more this year.

This morning we had Grammy and some cousins (Ashley, Jay and Cole) along, as well as Henry's buddies Isabella and Ian and my friend Kim. Here's the kid-crew with their berries:

Jonah always has trouble getting them into his basket--they seem to find their way into his mouth first! After an hour of picking berries, this is all that Jonah had left in his basket:

Henry and Bella didn't have that problem though! Look at those full baskets (and those cute faces, too!):

There is a brand new McDonald's near us with an indoor playland that the boys have been anxious to try out. We headed there and had a mostly unpleasant experience (for example: our order was completely messed up and the lady ROLLED HER EYES AT ME when I asked her to fix one little part of it, there was NO SOAP in the bathroom--they didn't even have a soap dispenser, someone SET OFF THE DOOR ALARM in the play area and the employees did not know how to turn it off, and so on and so on!), but despite all that Bridget had a grand time. While I was letting her explore the bench beside me, she made her way over to my leftover french fries that were on the table. She wasted no time in putting the first fry she could grab into her mouth! When she realized how good they are ("Mmmm....salt!") she quickly went for more. It's a little earlier than I would have had Bridget discover french fries, but I suppose a little treat won't hurt her! :)

For some fun blueberry recipes, head over to my cooking blog!


kookygirl88 said...

This is weird you guys like almost all the same stuff i do

Just Mom said...

Have you ever read, "Blueberries for Sal," to your kids? Those photos (especially the one of Jonah) reminded me of the delightful picture book.

Andrea said...

How fun. I should have gone. Thats almost free. Let me know when you want to go again. I want to stock up for the year too.

Kim said...

We had a great time! It was such a great farm. And the rest of the day (except for that whole McDonald's debacle!) was fun, too!!

I'm going to check out those recipes right now!! :)

Grace said...

Oh, looks like SO much fun! I need to see if we have things like this around here. What a neat activity for the children.

By the way, a couple days ago we bought some blueberries from the store. It was our first time ever to buy some and the kiddos loved them.

Grace said...

Oh, I forgot...I love the first photo! You all look GREAT!

4under3 said...

Blueberry picking? That sounds like so much fun. And did you have to have a piece of blue in your clothing to go blueberry picking?

I'm heading over to your cooking blog.