Tuesday, July 01, 2008

My first video blog!

It's only about 30 seconds long....so enjoy! :)


Anonymous said...

First of all, you and Sam are meant for one another. Now there is not doubt in my mind.

Secondly, I can do that, too! We are met to be life long friends :)

...I can also flip my eye lids inside out. Maybe I should vlog it. What do you think?

Just Mom said...


You just crack me up, woman!

Can't say I have that talent. Maybe you could give video blog lessons?

Kim said...

You shared that little secret with me at your house one day! It creeps me out!!!!!! It looks like it hurts!

And please, Ginger, DON'T flip your lids inside out!!

Andrea said...

You showed me that in person too...Pretty cool

danielle roberts photography said...

WOW-i feel so honored to have a friend that can do this---i have never seen this before!!!

Marybeth said...

Lisa! You are such fun! Oh my gosh! What a talent! I just love you So much!

Momma Roar said...

COOL! I don't have that talent either..but it does give me an idea for a future post! :) heeeee

Love the picture of your new house - its beautiful! I hope your move goes well!!

OOOooo, and love the duet! Cute!

Alisa said...

Wow! I didn't know this was even possible. Does it hurt? How--and when--did you discover this talent?
I'm facinated. And so are my kids. They wanted to watch it over and over. :)