Thursday, August 21, 2008

School starts on Monday....

Tonight was "Meet the Teacher" night at kindergarten.

I was so excited and so was Henry. We've been talking about it for a week.

Henry went ahead of me, walked right in, found his name and sat down at his desk.

At that point, I had to walk to the other side of the room so Henry wouldn't see the tears that sprang to my eyes!

My baby is getting so big! He can't wait for school to start and now that he has met his new teacher and seen his super-fun classroom, he is beside himself with anticipation. :)


Andrea said...

I just blogged about this too. How funny.
Mine are super excited too. Don't they understand that getting older isn't all its cracked up to be! :)

Kim said...

Bella loved her fun classroom, too! But I think she had more fun playing outside w/Henry and the other kids!

I'm so glad it was YOU crying and not me!!! :) But I know I'll out-do you Monday morning!

Funny, Andrea!!

~Just A Thought Ginger said...

Yup, this is the beginning of the "mommy withdrawl". I will walk you through any of them in the future. Oh yeah, maybe not as I'm still trying to figure out how to let go.
I think you will see how great Henry does and you will be so proud of him. It's always fun to watch the first child's accomplishments.

4under3 said...

Ohhhhh! You're gonna make me cry, too. Our MTT night is this Thursday.