Friday, September 05, 2008

Week two of kindergarten is officially over!

We survived the second week. Jonah is doing better and starting to realize that he has the freedom to choose how he would like to spend large chunks of his time. I think it has finally sunk in that Henry will not be around to tell him what the fun thing to do would be. :)

I'd like to say this picture was posed, but this is really how Jonah was walking around the yard.
I think the next kindergarten challenge for our family will be figuring out nap scheduling for all three of my kids. Henry still needs a nap--by the end of the school day he is EXHAUSTED. It's hard to let him sleep much, though because it is so close to dinner time by the time we get home! And the other two need naps too, but they would prefer to take them right during the time I need to pick Henry up. So next week I'd like to work on finding a nice balance.

Bridget has been enjoying the tree swing that Sam hung up for the kids last week!

I may have already mentioned the kittens that we got last week? Anyway, here are some pictures of the boys with their cats. These cats are receiving LOTS of love and they are little purr machines.

Henry's cat (Bally Ball) is a female and not quite sure about our 100+ pound dog, Elmer. She spits and hisses every time he comes near, which makes him want to come even closer! He's been scratched and knows what that feels like, but he REALLY loves cats. :)

Jonah's kitty (Spark) is a male and much braver. He actually enjoys playing with big old Elmer.

They are tons of fun and we are hoping they'll be naturally good mousers too, especially after finding a cute little mouse IN MY GARAGE last week.
That is what is going on in our world! Hope you all have a great weekend!


michelle said...

Fun and cute!

I rembember the rodents in when we were in Tyler.

Kim said...

Jo, Jo, Jo.... he really does march to the beat of his own drum!!

danielle roberts photography said...

Love that picture of Jonah!!!!

Heidi Jo said...

school is such an adjustment. we are finally getting the kids to realize that bedtime is earlier, and necessary!

those kitties look well loved:0)

Marybeth said...

thanks for sharing

Marybeth said...

Hey Lisa...I had left you a LONG comment and then it said you didn't allow anonymous to MY finally gave up.
anyway...I love all the time and effort you put into sharing your life and I love you!