Friday, October 03, 2008

The tornado strikes again...

Dear Bridget,

First of all, I love you. You are such a free spirit and an adorable little girl. I love that you are fiercely independant but also love a good snuggle now and again. I love that you have figured out how to walk and balance yourself but you still prefer to crawl or be carried around. I love that I can see when you're going to throw yourself down on the floor and have a temper tantrum but I still can't stop it. I love that you have a huge smile for everyone you see. I love that you find a way to put on any necklace/costume/loose clothing that you find around the house. I love that you adore your two brothers and want to do everything that they do. And on that note, can I just say that you don't have to be completely like your brothers just yet? They really are much bigger than you.

Take the toilet paper, for example. I don't mind changing your diapers for you still. Really. So you can go ahead and leave the tp on the rolls for now. And the movies? I know you'd like to watch movies like the boys do. I understand that. But I still say you're too young and taking all the movies off the shelf isn't going to change my mind.

The playroom is another situation all together. Just because the boys get toys out and don't put them back doesn't mean that you should too. You can set the example for them and start putting toys away--I won't mind a bit! :)

Silly girl. I love you more than you know! :)

Love, Mommy


danielle roberts photography said...

Such a SWEET post!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That is ALL I have to say about that:)!!

Anonymous said...

Just so cute!

Hey Lisa, why don't you give her some pennies and see what she does with them, bawhahahahaha!

My oldest would have sat and gently placed them in a bottle. My youngest would have eaten them, LOL.

Kim said...

That was TOO FUNNY!!!! And what a great picture of Bridget at the end.

Alisa said...

Oh--I just LOVE this post. You are such a great and inspiring Mom, Lisa. Your children are super-blessed!

Alisa said...

One more thing--I'm sure you won't mind--but I plan to use this idea when opportunities arise--which they frequently do, of course. Writing a letter is just a WAY BETTER way to handle these moments and make a memorial of unconditional love--so I'll be done with frustration or complaining from now on! Thanks!! :)

Andrea said...

Thats GREAT!!!

I sooooo don't miss that stage.

Just Mom said...


Love that last photo of her.

Marybeth said...

Oh Lisa, This is so sweet- as is Bridget- as are you. I just love you all so much! Thanks for all the photos and just taking the time to post...I do so enjoy reading your posts!