Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Don't let the sweet smile fool you.

This little girl doesn't know how to share!
This morning we had a fun playdate with some of the girls that sit at my table at MOPS. One of the girls brought her son and her nephew who are both the same age as Bridget (their birthdays are all actually within two weeks of each other). Bridget found new love for toys that she normally doesn't even know exist. She was heartbroken over letting someone else play with the jack-in-the-box. She yelled and screamed whenever she saw another baby playing with a stroller (even though there are two of them!). But I think the final straw for her was seeing someone else play with her beloved bead necklace. That might have just pushed her over the edge.
It got me thinking. The boys have never had any real problems sharing. Not to say they don't ever struggle, but sharing or taking turns with toys has never really been an issue for either one of them. Bridget, on the other hand, has never been asked to share. Whenever she wants something that one of the boys has, she points at it and they give it to her! They dote on her and would never dream of denying her anything. Seems like maybe we're raising a little princess here--but certainly not on purpose. I'm just not sure how I'm going to tell the boys that they can't give in to their little sister any more!


~Just A Thought Ginger said...

Speaking from experience, teach them right now. It's so not worth the effort when she turns about 10 and it's far from cute anymore.

Munipulation is not pretty on anyone.

Heidi Jo said...

yeah, good luck with that one:0) the boys will by nature give her everything she wants. with a little screaming from her of course.

Shanygne said...

Ditto... did you see Katie at the party yesterday? She hijacked the preschool playground, standing at the top of the stairs, screaming and ready to push anyone that tried to pass... but we're working on it... knowing that Bridget is going thru it actually makes me feel a little better... "age stage"??? that's what I am choosing to call it - that, and a little tough love (let's just say katie now knows what a time out is, and can tell you that she doesn't want one) just might do the trick!! It was so good seeing you yesterday! I forgot to give the boys their favors, by the way.. I think that happened last year!! Yikes.