Monday, November 10, 2008


We went camping this past weekend. The kids have been begging Daddy to take them camping for weeks now, and he finally had a weekend without work travel plans. We invited Grammy and Grandpop to come along and enjoy nature with us. We weren't sure they would be up for it since they recently sold their camper and would have to sleep in a tent, but they were game!

It was a nice, relaxing weekend and felt like it lasted a week! :) We spent time by the fire:

went on a nature hike:

played some football:

and just enjoyed being outside:

While on our nature hike we did see an incredible wild animal. It's the elusive East Texas Elk. I caught it on video for your viewing pleasure:

I love my husband! :) He's a nut and he always keeps me laughing!

It helps that he comes from a nutty family too. Who else would let me take such silly pictures and keep smiling? :)

Hope you had a great weekend too!

My mom is here for a short visit--she came in from Washington last night. The boys were SO excited to see her when they woke up this morning. I'm sure I'll have some fun pictures to post in a few days.

Have a wonderful week!

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Andrea said...

It looks like you guys had alot of fun last weekend!

As always, I just love Sam videos!

We were going to try and camp this fall, but its getting a little too cold now.