Saturday, December 20, 2008

Getting in the Christmas Spirit!

My friend Ginger tagged me in this fun little meme. The idea is this: Post five things I love about Christmas

The hard part will be limiting it to only five since I LOVE Christmas! Here goes:

1. My husband loves all things Christmas. Sam is like a five year old when it comes to Christmas and I love to see him that way! He listens to Christmas music in July (!!!) so you can imagine what we've been listening to around here since November. I love seeing him so happy and he seriously gets very excited about presents. He doesn't even care so much what he gets as long as has a LOT of presents to open (preferable more than anyone else).

2. I LOVE shopping! Let me clarify that by saying that I LOVE to find a deal. Bargain hunting is a way of life and I'm never so thrilled as when I find a stellar deal on something. I actually shop for Christmas all year round and have very little (if any) shopping left to do when December comes around. The only problem this year is I still haven't wrapped our presents!

3. This one is similar to the last one, but I LOVE to give gifts. Christmas provides an excellent opportunity to give--family, friends, teachers, neighbors and so on!

4. I LOVE the focus on Jesus and the story and miracle of his birth. Nativities everywhere, angels all around, all of the celebration pointing to the precious little babe! This year has been so fun talking with the kids about it and seeing it really start to come alive for them.

5. I have a wicked sweet tooth and so my last item on this list is Christmas treats! I LOVE them. All of them. Chocolate? Sure. Peppermint somethings? Okay. Cookies? Pass me the plate. Oooh...special Christmas candies? I suppose I'd better at least try them! :) I skip many meals during the month of December so that I don't have to skip the dessert trays!

Now it's your turn! I tag Kim, MaryBeth, Andrea, Alisa and Heidi Jo. If you haven't been tagged and want to play along, please do! Either on your blog or in the comments--let's share the Christmas JOY! :)
Merry Christmas!


Anonymous said...

I'm sure you have that photo of Sam framed in hanging above the mantel. It's another priceless "Sam". I so wish we lived by you guys because I know we would have some good fun hanging out.

Thanks for sharing your list. I'm not so sure you really eat the little thing, you!

Make sure you tell Sam we are sending Christmas wishes your way. Hope you have fun and blessed holiday!

michelle said...

Fun list! I have a sweet tooth too and can easily skip the main course in order to eat dessert!

Did your hubby wear that sweater for your Christmas photo. :-)

Andrea said...

I have a mouth full of sweet teeth!!!

I'm like Sam....I turn into such a kid during Christmas...or vacations...Six Flags. Although I don't have any Christmas sweaters quite like his.

Marybeth said...

I just love the way you write! I always love reading your blog and do so love you and your husband and your kids!

4under3 said...


I know. The little girls have looked so different from the last header, but I am lacking in photo programs, and it takes me forever to put something together.

I think I changed it even more since you left your comment. But I think I'm done now. For awhile.

I'm glad you all had a great Christmas. Happy New Year!