Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Conversation with an almost four-year-old...

WARNING--this may be too much information for some of on at your own risk! :)

(while standing in the bathroom, wearing a pair of blue jeans)

Jonah-Mom, want to see the cool thing that daddy teached me a long time ago?

Mom-(thinking.....probably not) Umm...sure.

Jonah-See, you pull down your pants like this....then your underwears....then you pull your pants back up like this....and then you unzip the zipper...and you can pee right through the hole!

Mom-Jonah, Daddy didn't really teach you that, did he? (please, oh please say no!)

Jonah-No, but...

Mom-You need to pull your pants back down and go the normal way.

Jonah-But Mooooom. I really wanted to try it!


Heidi Jo said...

you doubted dad's influence? come on, i don't even live with guy and i would have believed it;0)

there could be some serious damage done if any mistakes are made in that process...good thing he ran it by you before a trip to the emergency room was in order.

~Just A Thought Ginger said...

Why do I believe Sam really did teach him that trick? LOL

Ouch, HJ's comment is creaping me out.

Marybeth said...

okay.....that was good for an OUTLOUD laugh!

Kim said...

Oh my... don't ya just love those kinds of confabs??

Heidi Jo's comment cracked me up! Trying to get that visual out of my head!!