Monday, February 02, 2009

Happy Groundhog Day!

Ten years ago today, life as I knew it changed in a dramatic way.

Sam and I were dating at the time. We had met almost six months prior to that day and what began as friendship had grown into something much more.

On that day, Sam had invited me to go skiing. We were living in Bozeman, MT and the local ski hill was only about 15 minutes away. I met him at his house and we headed out. It was a beautiful day for skiing. There was fresh powder from the night before and the sun was shining, but I remember being so irritated with Sam because he was acting so funny. I couldn't quite figure out what was going on with him (and he certainly wasn't telling me), but he was at times quiet and other times almost snappy with me. Not the jovial Sam that I was used to being around, for sure! We ended up leaving early and not skiing quite the full day, which was unusual for us.

We got back to Sam's house and sat on the couch together. I think Sam might have turned the tv on to a basketball game or something. I was getting ready to leave since there was clearly something bothering Sam. He asked me to stay a while longer and I reluctantly agreed. (I never could say no to the guy--still can't!) We talked a few minutes more and then Sam got kind of serious. He started talking about how long we had known each other (which was not long) so I thought he was probably breaking up with me. My panic quickly changed to joy when he went into how he realized how much he loved me and then asked if I wanted to marry him!

I couldn't believe my ears! He wasn't holding a ring, but he said, "If you say yes, there is a ring upstairs waiting for you!"

That whole day, what I had thought was irritation was actually nerves. It is one of the VERY few times I have actually seen Sam truly nervous about anything at all.

He told me later that he had planned on proposing while we were on the ski hill. Different scenarios had played out in his mind, including asking me while we were on a lift, but he was worried that I would be so excited that I would drop the ring and we'd never see it again. I'm honestly surprised that he knew me so well already at that point in our relationship, because I do tend to be clumsy like that!

We were married in July of that year, so we'll celebrate our 10th anniversary this summer. Our little family has changed a lot since that day!


Andrea said...

So you have an even bigger reason to celebrate Groundhog day, what a great story.

I love proposal stories, must be the romantic in me.

That would have been awful if the ring fell off the lift!

Kim said...

What a sweet story!

And... yikes! Clumsy? What if YOU'D have fallen off the lift??? :)

Just Mom said...

That has got to be one of the sweetest stories I've heard. Happy Groundhog Day, indeed.

Alisa said...

Oh I love to hear stories like that! Awesome! I remember Heath was nervous and not nearly as talkative the day he proposed to me...and I too had no clue what was coming! :)

And thanks for checking out my recent blog for Sierra's birthday. FYI--She sleeps with her pink blanket over her head (not her face) every night--she looks like Mary

Heidi Jo said...

that must be the guy way. chad was the exact same. totally out of character, and as you said, almost annoying. should have seen the pattern back then. annoying, and yet so lovable:0)

michelle said...

Fun!! I knew there had to be a "good" reason to celebrate Ghog Day. :-)

Shanygne said...

sweet sweet sweet... I love hearing these stories...

Jennifer said...

Very sweet story...What day in July did you get married? Chad and I got married in July 1999 too!

4under3 said...

Ohhhhh. What a sweet story! I love hearing how others became engaged.

And look at your family picture now! So cute!


P.s. I had a friend from college that lived in Bozeman.