Monday, April 20, 2009

George Bush Gave Birth!!!

Henry's little cat had kittens today! We knew she was pregnant but didn't know exactly how far along she was. And yes, Henry's cat is named George Bush. We got our cats during the election season and after a lesson on US politics, Henry realized that he just had to name his cat after our (then) president.

When Sam came home tonight his first question upon walking in the door was, "Have you found 'em yet?"

Which led to my ever-so-eloquent reply, "Huh?"

Sam: "The kittens! Have you found where she dropped them yet?"

Me: "George Bush had her kittens? How do you know?"

Sam told me to go look at her as it was pretty obvious. She had been HUGE and now she isn't. :)

Anyway, it cracked me up. When Sam pulled into the driveway, the cat was getting a bite to eat and drinking some water. She didn't immediately go back to her babies, so Sam and I searched for them. It took us a while to find her hiding place!

George Bush had her kittens in a box of old rags in the shop. The cats have a door to go in and out of there and that is where we feed them, so we had guessed she would birth there. But they were so little tiny and quiet that we both looked in the shop and concluded they must be somewhere else. Sam eventually went to look there again after we had exhausted every other place we could think of and found them.
There are six teeny, tiny, sweet little kittens now living with us! :) There are two white, two black and two calicos.


Just Mom said...

Now there's a headline for The Enquirer: "George Bush Gives Birth!!!"


Congratulations on the birth of the kittens. Can't wait to see pics.

Deborah Granick said...

Cant wait to see pictures!!! I bet they are so cute! The title of your post cracks me up!!

Alisa said...

I love the story. and yes, you'll have to post pictures of the little kitties soon.

Heidi Jo said...

do you realize that someone will google that title and be thrilled with the sound byte:0)??

i think one of the kittens should definitely be barrack and one hussein and one obama. :0)

nic asked me last night, "what's barrack's real name?"

Andrea said...

How cute. The boys must be thrilled!

Anonymous said...

I love this! George Bush, LOL

I just showed Jenna the pics and she wants you to keep one for her so when she moves to Dallas she will have a kitten. She just went through giving her kitten away because it lived with her boyfriend and he moved back to Dallas. Jen hopes to move there soon and thinks she needs a kitty to keep her company :)

Love, love, love this post!