Saturday, September 05, 2009 we come!!!

Does it look like we need a vacation?

We think so too.

Sam and I are headed to our 10 year anniversary Aruba! Our great friend Ingrid is staying with the kids while we play in the ocean and catch some sun by the pool. We're hoping the kids have so much fun that they won't even miss us...but we would still appreciate your prayers on their behalf. :)

See y'all in a week!


Just Mom said...

Have an absolutely wonderful vacation!

(My hubby and I went to Ireland on our 9th anniversary, which was great timing because I was two months pregnant by the time our 10th anniversary rolled around a year later.)

Andrea said...

Have a great time! :)

~Ginger said...

We celebrated my 40th birthday in Aruba. It was beyond words!

Our kids missed us, but just a little. They were, of course, much older than yours and really did fine. We didn't miss them AT ALL, LOL.

Hope you have a blast!

michelle said...

Good 4 you...enjoy!

Shanygne said...

Hope you're having an amazing time!!

It's been great "catching up" with you...

Journey said...


Thanks for your nice comment! I loved that Mr. Rogers book, too- it made me feel all was well and right with the world again- and endeared me to him even more. And your kiddos missed you last week- Henry the most, I think. I could tell he tried to be strong but was missing you both. When the back door would open, Bridget would exclaim, "Daddy?" And Jonah would every once in awhile ask quiet little questions about what you might be doing.
You have some great kids- don't tell anyone else, but they might be my favorites! They're great! Hope you had a great trip! --Beth