Monday, September 28, 2009

Soccer...and true love

Jonah had his first soccer game last week! He has been wanting to play soccer for two years now and even practiced with Henry's team the last two seasons, but he wasn't old enough to officially play until this season. In the picture below, Jonah is the blonde in the red shirt with the look of pure joy spread across his face. :) Jonah did great. It was everything he hoped it would be...well, except for the fact that everyone didn't get to have their own ball in the game (you know, like in practice!).
There was one little mix-up. Jonah's team was scheduled for pictures at 8:00a.m. Saturday morning, an hour before his game was to start. Who wants to get their whole family up and to the park by 8 o'clock in the morning?!?!?!? Not me. Sam was working, so it was up to me to get all three kids up, fed, dressed and to the park on time.

We made it.
The photographer didn't.
They cancelled, but didn't bother telling anyone. They left a note at the park which we found once we got there. The entire team was there...all nine kids, parents and siblings...and we all were a little unhappy about the situation. After listening to the griping a bit, I suggested, "Hey guys, why don't we just take our own team pictures and cancel the photographer when they try to re-schedule?" There was a little laughter at first, but then one of the other moms pulled out a know, a REAL camera, and the laughter stopped.
So we had our own photo shoot. It was pretty fun and it was a great way to fill the hour we had to kill before the other team showed up to play! :)
This is my best shot, but the photographer/mom who took all the pics for us got some great ones and she even took the time to do individual portraits. Saved us all a lot of money too!
Here are the boys in their uniforms after the game. Bridget wanted to be in the picture too....she definitely doesn't understand why she can't play yet!

Here's Henry throwing the ball in. It was the best shot I could get! :)

Henry moved up to an older league this year and it is so fun to watch. They are learning a lot more about the game and they actually play positions now instead of just following the ball around in a herd. In the younger league the coaches stand on the field and direct the kids all the time, but in this league the coaches aren't allowed on the field. So the kids really are figuring out what they need to do. Henry's team is the youngest in his league, but they are all pretty athletic little kids so I think they'll hold their own this year.

I couldn't post about soccer without one last picture....of Henry and his one true love, Isabella.
Those who know Henry know that his infatuation love for Bella started waaaaaay back in pre-school. As you can see, it hasn't diminished any in two years. He just adores her. :)


~Ginger said...

I love watching the little ones play soccer in the field across from our house. They are all so cute!

Have you considered purchasing the book I Kissed Dating Goodbye and reading it to Henry, LOL. True puppy love. Just wait 10 years my friend!

michelle said...

I have a soccer man too so i understand. Fun years! Cute pics too.

Just Mom said...

Loved all the photos, but that last photo was especially adorable.

Andrea said...

Jonah looks like a natural!

I actually have that book that That Ginger talked about, if you need to borrow it :)

I'm glad Lexi has moved on...tough competition! Bella's just too cute.

Michelle said...

That last picture is just adorable! It says so much:-)

Journey said...

Ok- seriously- that is really sweet of Henry and Isabella! And great idea with the pictures- way to make lemons out of lemonade- I'll bet everyone will remember that in the future when some other great plan goes wrong, and they'll be inspired! You're such a great mom! ---Beth

Beth said...

Thanks for the encouragement. Yes!- I really want to play Telefonce (?) again soon! When I get my house, y'all are coming over to play! When Crickets Cry was actually the 1st Charles Martin book I read, which made me then buy the one I loaned you first. I vaguely remember it now, but I remember really liking it. Enjoy! Praying for sunny days for y'all---Beth