Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Home Improvements

It's great being married to a handy-man. Nothing is ever broken around here for long. The only problem we've run into recently is that we live in a one-year-old house and there is only so much that needs fixing up just yet. So Sam has started looking for ways to improve on what we have here.
Sam's most recent project idea was to put up a tile backsplash in the kitchen. Last week on our date night we went to Lowe's so we could look at the tiles available and get ideas on what we wanted. Next thing I know, Sam came home with boxes of tiles and got started!

Last night he invited his parents over for dinner, and after dinner he and his dad tackled the tiles. It took them only a few short hours and they had the whole thing done! Tonight Sam and I will work on the grout, so these pictures are not quite the finished product. It is just so pretty and makes the kitchen feel so warm and inviting. (It doesn't hurt that I just LOVE checkerboard patterns, does it? :) )

I know it looks like Sam just supervised while his dad did all the work, but Sam really did work too! :)

Way to go, handyman Sam! I appreciate all your hard work. Our kitchen looks absolutely beautiful!


michelle said...

Great color tile..looks very nice!

~Ginger said...

Can Sam come live with us? I have loads of projects and Dave hates projects. I promise to feed him your recipes so he does miss you to much.

The tile looks great and I love it! I would love it in my house. Please send Sam "overnighted" ;)

Just Mom said...

Nice work!

Beth said...

I love when you blog! The tile looks GREAT! It really does warm up the kitchen- I love the first photo with the plants. And that picture of Sam with the swollen lip is hilarious! We had a couple of those swollen faces in Tijuana and while it always alarmed me, it always made me laugh, too.

Lisa H said...

Ginger, I'll send him your way after the holidays! :)