Friday, January 15, 2010

One more Elmer story...

Last night I was thinking about my previous post on Elmer and I realized that I hadn't posted about a couple of my favorite memories of him.

Our first house in Bozeman was in a cute little neighborhood and was about two and a half blocks away from an elementary school.

We didn't have our yard fenced for a long time, and when we finally did fence it we shared a backyard with our neighbors behind us (we both fenced the sides but left the back between our houses open).

Those backyard neighbors had a lovely dog named Lucy. She mentored Elmer and mothered him, always watching out for him and keeping him in line.

In the mornings we would let Elmer outside, and for the longest time we just assumed he was either in the backyard or over at the neighbor's house.

What we discovered later was that Elmer had found that groups of kids walked through the neighborhood on their way to school. He would walk with them to school every single morning and then head back to his own backyard.

We were none the wiser until I was talking with a mom down the street one day and she said, "We just love having Elmer walk the kids to school every morning!"

He always did love kids! :)


Just Mom said...

What an amazing dog he was. I miss him now, too.

michelle said...

Very hard to lose something so dear...he was apart of your family.

Journey said...

What a special blessing Elmer was!