Thursday, January 07, 2010

Sam's new job

Sam recently took a new job. He had been working with his brothers for a local ministry and has felt led to move on for some time now. He actually looked into a number of different ideas and careers and we were surprised and maybe a little disappointed when God kept shutting the doors we had thought would be wide open. As much as Sam's heart told him it was time to leave his position, God didn't seem to be releasing Sam from this ministry. He really tried to immerse himself in his job and give it all he had, but it just didn't seem right somehow.

A few weeks before Christmas we found out that a family we know from church would be moving out of state. The husband (who was Henry's Sunday school teacher) worked for a local Christian camp and retreat facility. Sam thought to himself, "If he is leaving, then perhaps they are hiring!" and he gave it one last shot. He got in touch with the friend who is leaving just to discuss the situation. Turns out, they hadn't filled his position and he was helping to find someone to put in it!

The position they wanted to fill was right up Sam's alley. It would require his specific skill set and his prior life and career experiences would make him a perfect fit for this job. The friend thought that Sam was the answer they were looking for, but it was really up to the CEO of the camp. They set up a time for Sam to meet with her the following week.

Sam met with the CEO and they got along famously. She agreed with our friend that Sam would be a perfect fit for the job and asked how soon he could start. She personally called all his references that very day and officially offered him a job the following afternoon.

Since then it has been a whirlwind of change! Sam agreed to finish out the rest of December with his old job and begin his new one on January 4th. Over the last few days he has been working out the details of insurance and I just have to share one incredible blessing about that.

The new company's insurance coverage is similar to what we already had, with one exception. To cover the entire family it was going to cost close to $700 a month. When the HR person explained that to Sam she noticed his not-quite-pleased reaction. She asked if that was more than what he had paid at his previous place of employment and he said "YES!" She told him not to worry, they would fix that.

He came home and did, indeed worry. With only one income in our family we are already pretty tight on our budget and he couldn't figure out how we would be able to afford the extra expense. Sam spent most of that evening looking into private insurance and other options.

The next day he found out that they would gladly cover all but about $30 of those expenses! Praise the LORD! Are you kidding? :) Then he asked about dental and found we would have to pay about $85 a month for the entire family. Again, higher than what we were paying previously. "No problem," he was told, "we'll take care of that too!"

Needless to say, Sam is really pleased with his new position! The people that he is working with really love their jobs and seem genuinely happy. The CEO has been out of town and then sick since Sam started, and she sent Sam the nicest email last night apologizing for not being there during his first week, asking how he is getting along, making sure he doesn't need anything and letting him know how she is praying for him. Seems like this is going to be a wonderful change for our family.

Congratulations, Sam! I am so proud of you and glad that you waited and trusted God to show you where he wanted you to be. :)


Heidi Jo said...

how exciting. God really does supply all of our needs.

~Ginger said...

Isn't God good. Of course He is never early, but also never late in meeting our needs.

We know anyone anywhere would be blessed to have Sam!

We pray that Sam will feel fulfilled and blessed in his new job!!!

Leslie said...

I love hearing about God's provision and faithfulness in the lives of His children! It is SO encouraging to my faith!!! So glad he is happy there!! Blessings...

Just Mom said...

What an absolute blessing this is.

Shanygne said...

wow!! that IS awesome! That place is PERFECT for Sam. Glad he is enjoying it...and I am sure your kids will love the perks, too!
Love you guys!

Michelle said...

That is really exciting!